Fruits and Blessings.

Fruits and Blessings.

Today saw an ax drop on a number of diocesan offices and positions, as part of a newly-announced program of reorganization.

Lafayette’s Vicar General Fr. Theodore Dudzinski has issued a notice that:

Since 2014, the Chancery has committed to reviewing our organizational health and long-term financial stability while also receiving feedback from priests and, and diocesan leadership.

The results of this organizational and long-term financial sustainability review has led Bishop Doherty to determine that it is time for the diocese to make a paradigm shift from a mission that is programmatic in nature, to a Mission that is more Service and Leadership oriented. From a financial perspective, our current chancery operations are not financially sustainable, and therefore too demanding on our pastorates and their finances. [emphasis added]

As a result of this prayerful evaluation, staff within the Chancery will be reorganizing to focus on a Mission of Service and leadership, in order to be good stewards of the limited financial resources available to us.

Effective March 7, 2024, the Office of Evangelization, Family Life and Pastoral Ministries is no longer operational. The Office of Planning has been renamed Office of Pastorate Life Services, with a Director, Four Pastorate Consultants, and a very part-time NFP/Prolife Specialist. The office will provide leadership resources with subject matter expertise in the areas of Hispanic Ministry, Evangelization, Catechesis, and Youth and Young Adult Ministry. This new office will continue to provide operational and pastoral support to the pastorates as has been the case since Uniting in Heart began in 2020; they will also serve as a conduit in connecting pastorates with similar programming so that fruits, blessings, and best practices continue to spread across the diocese.

The Chancery Offices of Human Resources, Finance/Facilities, Stewardship and Development, Catholic Schools, Communications, Tribunal and the newly formed Office of pastorate Life Services will still continue to provide leadership/resource support for pastorates and schools.

A few questions and thoughts.

Firstly, one is tempted to conclude that the diocese is simply out of funds and somewhat out of control. Did we not just experience a fundraising drive, in the form of the 2024 Catholic Ministries Appeal, that assured us our donations would support all these things? Curious, isn’t it?

Second: It’s interesting to note what offices and positions remain (notably Communications, Finance, Development) and which don’t (Evangelization, Family etc.). Priorities and optics are interesting.

Third: Based on recent hiring and firing patterns, one also wonders whether the lay employees who served the Church in the now-eliminated capacities were given, in respect of their years of service, sufficient notice of the impending reorganization to prevent hardship to themselves and to their families? Or just the boot?

Fourth: Who is running the heart of all these things now in the diocese? An unnamed director and 4 pastorate consultants. What are their qualifications and competencies in the areas they are taking over? Do they hold degrees or commensurate experience in theology, family life, catechesis, young adult ministry, Hispanic ministry and so on?

And last: “From a financial perspective, our current chancery operations are not financially sustainable, and therefore too demanding on our pastorates and their finances.”

These initiatives, offices, and employees are costly to our pastorate finances, we are told.

Maybe not as costly as an enormous, largely empty property in Tipton that likely loses untold thousands of the Church’s limited dollars each year, but certainly costly.

Maybe not as costly as a continuous stream of consultants that collect a hefty paycheck for telling our local church how to exist and what it must copy from other places, but costly all the same.

It seems that we can never quite fathom the full cost of funding Uniting in Heart. It always needs a few more bites to keep itself going. One hopes the “fruits and blessings” we are told to expect from it can in some way balance the loss of the good things (and people) that have gone down its bottomless gullet. But it doesn’t seem likely.

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

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  1. I see in the Catholic Moment I got over the weekend that the bishop put in an article explaining why so many people were suddenly and quickly terminated in his office. His first reason is that investments are down and inflation is up. He is either a bad liar or horribly misinformed. Anyone watching the news knows that 2023 and 2024 to date have been great years for the markets so how can investments be down? And as for inflation, it is down from just two years ago so again not correct. However he failed to tell the truth about investments. The bishop’s investments are down because he allowed Fr Ted to spend some 9 million on the Saint Joseph Retreat Center and another 3 million in United in Heart. That is eleven, yes eleven, million up in smoke as the audited financial statements posted online clearly show. Why his the bishop feeding us this line? And why now?

  2. OK now. I see. Yes I agree. When Ted was here in Kokomo and Moderator he reigned with a fist! He threatened a law suit against a parishiner at St Joan for leaving notes on there vehicles to reject Ted as Moderator. There is sooo much I can tell. I would love to sit and talk to someone who would understand and get results. TED has 1 objective. BISHOP. He will continue till he is BISHOP here or elsewhere OR told NO by someone he cant bully or worse have outside influence which I think he has. I think the first opition is fired from Vicor.. Possible outta the Priesthood! IF there is someone out there who will listen to me please contact me. THANK YOU! I have NOTHING to loose!

  3. If the bishop ends up having to pay even a small part of the 10 million in the lawsuit I would expect an even bigger “ax drop on a number of diocesan offices and positions.” Maybe preparing for legal fees and this lawsuit is what led to this initial ax drop. My question is the 2nd lawsuit is 30 million against Fr. Dudzinski. Who pays the legal bills and final award on that? Will the bishop pay or Fr Dudzinski pay? I mean by law. We know the bishop will want to pay to protect Fr. Dudzinski but what does the law say? Looking at the financials of the diocese posted online, the bishop would not have the money to pay these lawsuits. Where can I find how much the diocese pays attorneys? Seems like we donors should know this. Must be a large amount lately just to cover all of Fr Dudzinki’s misdeeds.

  4. I have been to many retreats at the retreat center. It is a beautiful and holy place. What price do you put on evangelization? Many, many people have grown closer to Christ there.
    Maybe some of you complaining about the center should step out and attend a retreat there? It might change your mind on its value!

    1. I agree the retreat house is a lovely place and I enjoy it there. However, as nice a place as it is, does not justify the horrible means Fr. Dudzinski used to refurbish it. He had millions spent that the bishop and finance council never approved and never budgeted. Once caught as the audited financial statements show the center had to be written off as a huge loss. His spending was so reckless that the CFO resigned in protest once he found out. So yes nice place but the way of getting there sound almost illegal and certainly immoral.

    2. I am happy for your experience. But it’s not across the board. I went to a retreat there and was shoe-horned into a room that was too small, you had to walk through the kitchen and past dirty dishes to get into, and you couldn’t duck out of the talk (like a pregnant woman might need to go to the bathroom) without walking right past the speaker. It was horrifying. And if that’s what we are calling Evangelization… it’s a wonder anyone would ever convert.

  5. Recently, many of us were summoned to SEAS for a “formation day.“ One of the first lessons proposed was that, “The Church is Crying.”

    But why?

    We all know the answer. Not just the people who write here. We all know. And the leadership knows.

    I hesitate to mention any particular individuals or Offices, because I don’t want to even touch that. I don’t want to come close to that. It’s too frightening to be too close to that. This is not only a natural battle. It is a supernatural battle.

    We are the Church of the catacombs here. We are faithful, and we ponder what it means to be the Church of the catacombs.

    We speak with those who can be trusted, and we do our best to pass on the Faith.

    Amidst all the chaos in the diocese we are hopeful and joyful, because the Eucharist has not been taken from us. Yes, the Church of the catacombs suffers. But we have the Eucharist. So everything will be OK for us. Just like it was from 33 A.D. until the present.

    We have the Eucharist. So in this battle, no matter what, everything will be ok. We lift up our hearts to the Lord. We are not a Church that is crying with no reason. We cry for those who have suffered, and those who are suffering. But our faith and hope is in the Eucharist.

    Thanks be to God. And thanks to all of our faithful priests, deacon, religious, and ministers of the Church.

    The beautiful Church of the catacombs will never go bankrupt – even when the St. Joseph Retreat Center has to be sold.

    1. Greetings from overseas where we always raise you all up in prayer! We just want to also send a big THANK YOU BISHOP HIGI for all he did as bishop. Sad to think that all his careful stewardship has been spent! And prayers, love and thanks go out to Bishop Higi’s secretary JERRIANN O’HERREN who did the work it takes 10 employees to do now!

        1. Also give credit to Higi VG Monsignor Robert Sell. His VG would go on and above to make sure the Diocese was taking care of.

      1. When Bishop Higi was there the diocese was in excellent financial shape, many thanks to Robert Quinn, the CFO and Bishop Higi.
        The diocesan appeal always met the goal.
        Since Bishop Doherty has been there, starting in the 2020 appeal, now an annual appeal, goals are not met, staff reduced, and not properly reduced either. Just pack up and leave they say. Diocesan employees are not eligible for unemployment benefits. They eliminate people like criminals, after many , many years of loyal service to their work.
        Is that the right way? No, absolutely not! But that seems to be the way Bishop Doherty and Ted do things. Those two have no respect for people, but the kicker is…. Not many have respect for them.
        Perhaps when Doherty retires and Ted is gone things will improve with the kind of leadership that was there during Bishop Higi’s time.
        Are you readers sick and tired of the downfall of the diocesan leadership yet? Time to get them out of there and state your issues to those that can do something about it!

        1. Quinn did great things. Higi allowed him to be COO as well as CFO. Now Ted tries to be COO and is a miserable failure.

  6. Word out of Indianapolis is that the Archbishop is headed to Lafayette to find out what is going on with all these unjust terminations. Maybe he’ll again follow-up on what has been done regarding Fr. Dudzinski hiring a pedophile while in Kokomo.

    1. Sadly though if this happens Bishop Doherty will call Cardinal Cupich and he would override whatever Archbishop Thompson does. There on the same board on a Catholic Health Organization so we know how close Doherty and Cupich could be.

  7. Four short years and it’s obvious we’re going bankrupt. Fire whoever is responsible for Uniting in Heart. Do it today.

    1. That would be Fr. Theodore Dudzinski who needs to be fired for the debacle of Uniting in Heart and these cruel terminations. But the first line of yesterday’s memo shows who takes credit:

      “As our Uniting in Heart 2023 Pastoral Plan continues to bring about many fruits and blessing across our diocese, Bishop Doherty remains faithful to our mission. ”

      Yet later the memo says the “mission is having a paradigm shift” so it is not clear which mission he is faithful to. In fact I’ve never heard a clear mission and have sure not seen and fruits or blessings from Uniting in Heart.

      1. Instead of firing Fr. Ted and Krockover for the debacle of Uniting in Heart, the bishop is expanding the program. The memo said the bishop is adding 5 people to Krockover’s new Office of Pastorate Life Services because of all the program’s fruits and blessings. One of the people is a consultant who flies in from out of state. Wonder what her hourly rate plus expenses are compared to those terminated. So we fire loyal productive employees and expand expensive consultants and Uniting in Heart because we in the parishes need so much “service” from these consultants and Krockover. While they are nice people, what background and results do they have in leadership, project management, pastoral care, theology, etc? Let’s pray this new waste is soon “no longer operational.”

      2. “Bishop remains faithful to the Mission”. This has been the tagline from day one. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedos. Looks like it’s working!! SMH.

        1. What is the mission? I’ve yet to hear it. But in any case, Jesus already set out the mission. I just wish our Bishop and VG knew and followed that one.

  8. Hey I’ve got an idea to save the St. Joseph Retreat Center! How about they film a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition there! With scanty swimsuits like on the Facebook page of one of our diocesan leadership…

    Keep the chapel out of the photos tho…

    1. If a person was writing a completely farcical comedy, they could not come up with anything more ludicrous than the reality of who is given power and position over the destiny of priests and people in this Diocese. It is a tyranny of the absurd.

    2. I vote we turn into a nice big casino. There’s already been millions of dollars gambled and lost there, so what’s a few more? Some “fruits, blessings, and best practices”-theme slot machines would be a nice touch, and when you hit the jackpot, you can redeem it for a nice long lecture from a pastorate consultant. Let the fun begin!

    1. Nuestra diócesis está bajo la influencia del maligno. Algún tonto pensó que estaba escuchando al Espíritu Santo. ¡Era un espíritu maligno! ¿Quién abrió la puerta?

    2. Uniting in Heart is not dead in the bishop’s office. The memo says he is creating a whole new big department with 5 people and a manager to push it out. So 6 positions. Wonder what the costs of that will be?

  9. This is SO WEIRD. I didn’t hear anything about this!! Although I am incredibly grateful to know that our Diocese, while not paying any attention to transparency whatsoever, is concerned that “best practices” have the means to spread across the Diocese. Truly important. We are in good hands, folks. Nothing to see here.

  10. The first sorrowful mystery:
    Bella Dodd, Bugnini and demons to destroy the church.

    The second sorrowful mystery: the purposeful destruction of sacred worship churches.

    The third sorrowful mystery: the clergy complicit in the denial of the One Holy Catholic Church and her dogmas.

    The fourth sorrowful mystery: the failure of the clergy to teach and guide their parishioners, viewing those who follow the true church as problems to be punished and silenced.

    The fifth sorrowful mystery: the acceptance by the “religious “, nuns, priests, bishops, etc. of the homosexual agenda, the acceptance of the Lutheran service. The profanity of promoting the touching of the Body Blood Soul and Divinity by non consecrated hands. The wasting of the hard earned money of parishioners to cause the demise of the True Church. The cancellation of priests who try to support the True Church. The failure of the pew people to speak out against pachamama, homosexual blessings… on and on. The constant crucifixion of Our Lord.

    1. The First Triumphant Mystery
      The Pew Warmers Worship God:
      Neither here in United in Heart, nor in the locked Covid19-24 Churches, but worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
      The Second Triumphant Mystery:
      The Pew Warmers Remember:
      The Truth they were taught and who taught them.
      The Pew Warmers did not recognize the alien voices that failed to acknowledge that all Catholics already are United in their Hearts. (Through Faith, not by sight/numbers/picnics/programs/large crowds, etc.)
      The Third Triumphant Mystery:
      The Pew Warmers Examine their Consciences:
      In true submission to the Holy Spirit they recognize their failure to forgive as they Have Been Forgiven.
      The Fourth Triumphant Mystery;
      The Pew Warmers Repent:
      They acknowledge and Confess their sins:
      Silence after witnessing
      Failure to directly express
      support to the oppressed,
      Engaging in Detraction.
      Promoting scandalous
      Directing our concerns
      inappropriately–to those
      unable or unwilling to
      correct the wrongs
      experienced and/or
      Yielding to temptations
      against the Catholic
      Failure to put absolute
      trust in God, The Only
      One Who Will Truly Save
      Failing to restore Hope in
      those who are weak in
      their Faith, those
      struggling to maintain
      stability after losing their
      livelihood due to
      “reorganization” policies.
      Failing to remind
      “leadership” of a sin crying
      out to God for vengance:
      (Just Wages).
      Failure to bear wrongs
      Coercing others to
      withold parish and/or
      dicesan financial support,
      rather than promoting
      the ear-marking of
      donations for specified
      Failure to pray sincerely
      forr the conversion of
      everyone, known and
      unknown, responsible for
      the creation,
      promotion of
      and/or submission to this
      un-amazing 2030 Plan
      which has divided so
      many of our poor hearts.
      Failure to report
      immediately when
      victimized personally by a
      Church leader.
      Failing to ask the Red
      Wolf to create a post
      outlining appropriate
      steps to folllow, and to
      whom to express
      legitimate concerns with
      the 2030 Plan, other
      than to indirect sources,
      such as CUP.
      Hiding behind
      ” Anonymous”
      unnecessarily or out of
      undue fear of
      reprcussions one may
      Engaging in speculation of
      motives behind actions
      and/or decisions
      made by leadership.
      Judging and condemming
      others without learning
      all peetinent facts.
      Failing to beg God for
      Mercy for all of the
      Considering all their sins,
      the Pew Warmers get
      themselves to
      Confession, express
      their sorrow, and are
      absolved, perhaps
      through the ministry of
      the very ones they
      criticised; they
      performed their penance
      to report all their
      concerns, and they go in
      Peace (now set free from
      all their anxieties about
      The Fifth Truimphant Mystery:
      The Pew Warmers REJOICE:
      That ALL that Jesus Has
      Promised IS FUFILLED
      INSTRUCTED the two on
      the road to Emmaus! The Pew Warmers learned obedience from what they suffered, in much the same way as did the Lord, Son though He Was!
      Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may we breathe forth our siuls in Peace with Thee. Amen

      1. Something to remember “Wounded Sheep” is that there is such a thing as righteous anger. St. Augustine of Hippo said, “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”
        Also, “He that is angry without cause, shall be in danger; but he that is angry with cause, shall not be in danger: for without anger, teaching will be useless, judgments unstable, crimes unchecked”, which Saint Thomas Aquinas attributed to Saint John Chrysostom.
        So, the caution from St. John Chrysostom is to not be angry without a cause. That begs the question, what gives the “pew sitters” cause: First, I think it needs to be said that none of us should be directing our anger towards the sinner, but the wrongdoings and/or the sins that are in our midst. We have an obligation to pray for repentance form all involved in whatever situation, because in the end it’s about the salvation of souls… all souls.
        Second, I have been taught that righteous anger is anger towards the things that anger God. If my understanding is correct, then I think it is not unfair to have anger towards the items that Kathleen pointed to, though I don’t like replacing the “true” Sorrowful Mysteries, with the ones she drafted.
        The world is where it is today because the leadership of the Church has failed in their assignment to teach the faith to the “pew-sitters”. Ephesians 4:12 says, “Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.” Further, Mathew 28: 18-20 says, “And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

        I can’t tell you the number of times I have been told by priests that it is not their job to teach us (the pew-sitters) the faith. That is absolutely contradictory to what Jesus said.
        That 70% of those professing to be “Catholic” don’t believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is an abomination and it is something to be angry about because it is offensive to God.
        Many years ago, I was told by a very solid priest that the Eucharist should never be placed into unconsecrated hands. I have witnessed with my own eyes folks that receive Jesus in their hands, only to wipe their hands on their coats after placing Him in their mouth. Or adding poison to their hands ahead of receiving Him out of fear over germs. I have witnessed the Eucharist be dropped and no one, including the priest, do anything about it until Mass was completed. One of my family members has witnessed our Bishop tell people to get up from kneeling before he would give them Holy Communion. These are things to be angry about because they are offensive.
        I don’t know all of the specifics about everything taking place in the Chancery. If what is being said is true, then there is a reason to be angry and to speak up so as to make a change. I would however, caution about mudslinging out of prideful passion. We need to remember that all who may or may not be involved with these allegations are children of God, sinners like the rest of us. If they are guilty and fail to repent, then God has the final determination and rightly so, He is the one being offended.

  11. Seems to me the office in the chancery that needs to be “no longer operational” is that of the Vicar General. Any place else Fr Dudzinski would have long ago been terminated for just one of his many misdeeds. We need not name them all but could just start with a few like 1) spending millions at the Saint Joseph Center without authorization, 2) yelling at, threatening, and demeaning women in the office, and 3) knowingly hiring a sex offender and layer trying to cover it up.

  12. How much money does the diocese send to the USCCB? How much to Catholic Relief Services or Catholic Charities?

    What plans does the diocese have for growing the flock and thereby its financial base? For that we need more families not fewer. More NFP, not less. More boys as altar servers than girls. More adoration.

    Let’s also look to history and see how many Pastorate Life professionals St. Dominic gathered before reconverting the Albigensians. How many accompanied the Jesuits as they set out to evangelize the North American Indians and the Far East? Were there any on St. Maximilian Kolbe’s staff?

    If the Bishop cannot muster the energy or drive to motivate his priests to preach the Gospel with enthusiasm, money and a reorg isn’t going to help. He should ask for Rome to grant him an early retirement and make way for someone who will.

    1. The sad thing if this Bishop is granted early retirement we are most likely getting a new Bishop from Chicago which is more a disaster diocese than ours. Like I said it’s really to spilt the Diocese of Lafayette. The other Diocese in our state don’t have this issue and the Archdiocese is thriving with seminarians.

      1. At least we know the next bishop won’t be Dudzinski. Many of these now terminated employees wrote the Pope and nuncio to let them know of Dudzinski’s financial improprieties, misconduct and leadership misteps when sent a survey on his suitability to be a bishop. Word is this is one of the reasons he is treating these staff with such disdain and cruelty.

        1. Trust me you don’t want anybody from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Some of parishes even don’t practice the mass Correctly from the Roman missal. They even still have fake Father Phelger there at the same church for about 40 years and he and his church are prime examples in Catholic in name only. Praying our new Bishop doesn’t come from Archdiocese of Chicago.

          1. Highly doubt it at least in the DOL. Unless Francis wants nepotism in his Diocese Duduski will not be Bishop here, To be honest he shouldn’t be VG since he has two other brothers that are priest here in the Diocese which one of them is a pastor of the biggest church in the DOL. Hopefully when we get a new Bishop nepotism will stop.

    2. “What plans does the diocese have for growing the flock and thereby its financial base?” That plan is Uniting in Heart and we are told it is bearing many fruits and blessings. Maybe those terminated would disagree. And if it is bearing so much fruit why is the chancery in a financial mess? But we can all sleep good on this just as Ted does because it was all “a result of this prayerful evaluation.”

  13. So sad yet so typical.

    What I read here is the Lilly funded consultants, one whom flies in regularly from out of state, that take their marching orders from Fr Dudzinski need more people and money to force out their Uniting in Heart program and beef up their numbers and to get those monies several long term loyal staff had to be terminated.

    I also read that the half a million a year the bishop pays for the Tipton retreat center added to the 9 million spent to refurbish it, have put a real pinch on the bishop’s budget and legacy.

    1. No savings in any of this or lessening the burden on parishes. One group in the chancery is terminated while new high paid positions are added in another group. Will probably ending up costing more money while adding even less value.

      1. That is a really good point. If this was all done supposedly to ease the financial burden on the pastorate, then just how big a rebate can the pastorates expect? And how much less in their ministries appeals next time? (Answer: nothing!)

        1. Ummmmmm you’ll get no termination related discount in your ministry appeal. Plans are for a 5% increase if not more for the next several years. Ohhhhhhh and that new tax that Guerin Catholic High School and others have to pay for the new architect who started his new job and fired in the same day will also not go away. I was told yesterday that this tax still had to be paid to support other initiatives of the bishop.

  14. As a parish employee, I can say that we were not surprised by the restructuring that occurred today. From an insiders point of view, it was needed. There were highly paid “professionals” in positions that made you ask “what is it you do here?” I think if we give it a chance to play out, you might be surprised at how beneficial this could be to our diocese.
    In reading these comments on a regular basis, I am shocked at the assumptions made about pastors, staffs, and other parishioners. We all don’t know the full story…

    And to be fair, the “empty property” in Tipton is utilized quite a bit and is a lovely place to pray. Maybe you should try it….

    1. St. Joseph center is nice, but are you saying you believe it is paying for itself? Or anything even close to it? The math isn’t mathing to me when you look at events scheduled there vs. costs of paying a staff, upkeep, and utilities. Where is the money coming from. I could be wrong but I think the diocese is subsiding it a huge amount. I admit I don’t know all of what the diocesan employees do and maybe some things had to change but at the end of the day cuts shouldn’t have to be made just because money is being hemorrhaged into a project we can’t afford. That is irresponsible in my opinion. None of us in real life has the luxury of doing that and it shouldn’t be different for the Church.

      1. Go read the many years of audited financials on the diocesan web site. They clearly show a large annual loss at the retreat center. Also read the bishop’s letter on stopping his diocesan capital campaign. He says rather than a big campaign he wants to do focused fund raising just for the Tipton center to keep the retreat center afloat. When you read those audited financials you’ll also see one that speaks to the financial misdeeds of Fr. Dudzinski in turning what was a shuttered, run down complex into the Taj Mahal of Tipton setting the diocese on the path of financial disaster. The CFO resigned in protest because his efforts to stop the waste were ignored.

    2. Sounds like the diocesan Office of Communications is ONCE AGAIN defending Uniting in Heart. Let’s “give it a chance to play out” ?!?!?!?!

      NOT ONE MORE PENNY to support the MASSIVE SUFFERING the bishop and vg and flunkies have caused!

      And NOT ONE MORE PENNY to support an ugly, ugly, uncomfortable Retreat Center that can NEVER generate enough $$$ to remain sustainable! AND our Finance Council learned this week that a planned diocesan Capital Campaign to prop up the Retreat Center has been called off.

      Try to explain all THAT Diocesan Office of Communications!

      1. I beg to differ. Prayers asking Saint Joseph’s help has paid many of my bills!
        But I have learned he is more just than I must be: even a hint of presumption, deception, greed, etc., and the funds just won’t be found. However, if genuine request–needs met to the last penny, and sometimes not one cent more!
        Sincere requests, humbly placed in the care of St. Joseph, and the Holy Family, are tenderly answered, at times in remarkable ways!
        My mother relued on St. Joseph the Worker. I have relied on St. Joseph the Provider.
        I find it challenging to hear the St. Joseph Retreat Center, as well as our pastorate of three parish–consecrated to St. Joseph, are facing financial shortfalls. Do I doubt St. Joseph? NEVER! Humble prayer, generously giving what we’re able, respecting others, caring for our others, not neglecting our own, and trusting–these are ours to do. Then we simply leave the details up to Divine Providence, which, in the words of a dear Indianapolis pastor, “has never yet failed us.”

  15. You ask:

    “one also wonders whether the lay employees who served the Church in the now-eliminated capacities were given, in respect of their years of service, sufficient notice of the impending reorganization to prevent hardship to themselves and to their families? Or just the boot? ”

    They got the boot! They were called one by one into private meetings today with Ted and told today was their last day. They had to turn in keys, computers and clean out desks today, the same day they found out. Seems it was simply cruel and unjust, lacking compassion and certainly not acting in accord with the Catholic faith or stated policies.

    1. You might say the staff was “de-Oreo’d,” except they can probably continued to live in the diocese and the Bishop hasn’t insinuated sexual misdeeds were committed.

    2. That is not a Catholic way of doing business. Period. Maybe people are treated like that in the secular world, but we are supposed to care about the person more than the Almighty Dollar and at least offboard them with some decency. It was shocking enough when the diocese hired that architect recently, who left his job elsewhere only to be told when he showed up in Lafayette that the diocese no longer would honor the offer. What opinion do you think that gentleman holds of our diocese now? Now they are treating these long-term employees with the same contempt. What an embarrassment and a disgrace to the Church. I heard from a reliable source that “the riches of the Church are its people.” It’s too bad our own Bishop does not think so.

      1. What happened to the architect the diocese destroyed? Are you saying he’s unemployed because of these scoundrels? Don’t they fear God for what they’ve done?

        1. Yes, the last I had heard that was the case. They did him dirty here and he did not have his old job to go back to. An utterly classless move by the DOL. Mortifying.

          1. The news just gets worse all the time. Prayers for the architect they did this to and for his family!

        2. That architect did not get his old job back. He left a good job with good benefits that he needed to take care of his family. One of the chancery staff cruelly terminated yesterday has 10 children and he is the sole breadwinner for his family. A few of those fired were recently written up in the Catholic Moment as model, long-term, valuable employees. Certainly does not sound led by the Holy Spirit or prayerfully contemplated. And yes although sometime downsizing is needed, there are just, fair, and compassionate ways to handle it. This would all make for a great investigation by one of the Indy news channels. Let’s all pray for those facing the wrath of Fr. Dudzinski.

    3. Boy did they get the boot. As announcements were made, Resultant was onsite going office to office disabling computer accounts, collecting IT equipment, and scrubbing PCs.

        1. An entire department in the chancery was suddenly shut down by Fr Dudzinski and done in a very unprofessional and un-Catholic way. Read the posts

    4. Employees treated like criminals. Eliminate their job, stand over you while you pack your things up, really??
      Wonder what little secret skeletons Ted has hidden?


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