Ask Them For God.

Ask Them For God.

In our last post, which took the form of an annual survey, readers’ answers made clear that there is much concern with the direction in which our diocese is proceeding.

With that comes a lot of angst. How does one remain steadfast to what he believes is true, obedient to the extent that that is possible, unswayed by imprudence or injustice further up the totem pole, and yet not be consumed with resentment?

Please take a few moments to watch Fr. Gregory Pine’s new summary of Thomistic thought on the office of bishop. There is much to think of here as we navigate the state of our Church, and more so, the state of our souls.

Among Fr. Pine’s observations, these seem particularly relevant to us:

“[Bishops] have a stable obligation to the things of perfection …. they are meant to equip the local church with everything that it needs–not as the deliverance of their own personality, but as pertaining to their hierarchical position for the Church . . . . Bishops ought to give us God.”

Perhaps Church politics, both those local and those further away, have had the tendency to rob us of the beauty of an appointment created in the mind of God.

This appointment is ordered to the perfection of God’s people, and only thus merits its authority. As Fr. Pine observes:

This is the point of hierarchy, of the hierarchical power within the Church: that it bestows upon us things from high, as they flood from their fontal source through the conduits of the apostolic college, that they come to us sweetened, as it were, by the transmission….

….these graces come to us through those by whom we are known and loved, with a particular pastoral solicitude and care.

God could tend to all sheep in all times and places, but He appoints shepherds so that the sheep might know His love through the love of the shepherd.

Graces sweetened by their transmission. Would that this could be so for all pastures within the Church.

For that, Fr. Pine advises that we pray and that we fast. And that we never tire of asking our Shepherds to do that for which they were chosen and ordained, nothing more and nothing less: that they give us God.

Without this, what can they become but the inverse of their office–witholding love where they should give it, covering in dim earthly banality that which they should illuminate, offering silence or platitudes or sly dissent when they should be the first among all to proclaim the gospel from the rooftops, bilking the household of the Church rather than pouring out their substance to sustain it, busying themselves with the futilities of this world rather than drawing their flock beyond it into the divine mysteries, basking in the captain’s chair of ego and position rather than washing the feet of those at the table.

This is the office of shepherd turned inside out, turned against itself and made grotesque: a thing for which the Evil One must campaign without ceasing, a thing gravely to be feared.

Those who love their bishops, and love that which their bishops are called to be, must not through their exhaustion, exasperation or cynicism permit their bishop to become nothing more than a barren husk of his calling–a parody, the father of none, the apostle with no message. The shepherd flailing his staff at an empty plain.

Where is the boy who looks after the sheep?

For just as husband, wife, father, or mother turned against the nature of their calling can destroy those they engender, so may such an inside-out bishop do to those arrayed before him & placed under his charge.

Losing himself, so also he loses others. And that may God forbid.

So we pray. Fast. Offer reparation.

And ask them for God.

What insights did you find in Fr. Pine’s commentary? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Get ready for round 2 of United in Heart. I hear the consulting firm that brought us version 1 of the great United in Heart is back again in Lafayette raking in our CMA donations to create version 2 of United in Heart. There have been several meetings to get it all ready to roll in yet another direction with new goals. Announcements due soon which probably means more reassignments and demotions. This is what happens in a leaderless organization. Pull in so called lay experts from other places who get paid to revamp, re-prioritize, consolidate and close parishes and schools. How much time until this joker from Rockford is gone?

    1. We can only hope a new bishop comes in sooner than later – but oh what a horrible mess to clean up, both spiritually and financially!

        1. While it is true that we need a new pope, this has been the case since October, 1958, or at least a visible one since then. To believe the current events are due to just Bergoglio, or even just one man is myopic. Montini was correct about one thing. The smoke of Satan had entered the Church, and has been billowing ever since.

    2. Was one of many at a meeting the Bishop had in Carmel about ACTS XXIX and using it to transform the Church. It sounded much better than Uniting in Heart so let hope we get it soon.

    This is the Archdiocese of Indianapolis vocations website. Question is really how is our Diocese has about a handful but the Archdiocese has a lot. Why does our Diocese not have a day of prayer and Decrement for Vocations. They even have a minor seminary that I think that our retreat center should be.

  3. Since we cannot give directly to the Seminarian Fund, would it help to give directly to a seminarian that we know? I know it wouldn’t be a tax write-off, but who cares? Would the seminarian have to report this donation to the diocese?

    1. Really doubt it. When a seminarian take the oath to the Bishop they are to surrender any possession as possible. Accepting outside gifts I think would violate that oath.

      1. There is no such oath. I know because years ago I was a seminarian.
        Lots of former seminarians read and discuss these posts – even when they get together at Tipton.
        I had lunch with three former seminarians just the other day. We wish we could donate to the Red Wolf. Or start a Red Wolf Seminarian Fund.
        Former seminarians thank the Red Wolf which has provided more real news than The Catholic Moment ever has!

        1. Wow. This is helpful to know. We have been discussing this at length. Our pastorate doesn’t even have a priest right now. It’s incredibly evident where our funding should go, but sadly, much like everyone else, we don’t trust that it will go there (the seminarians). Good to know our seminarians are aware of the concerns of the Church and will continue to pray for them and glad to know we can directly financially support them.

          1. When I was in seminary even the seminarian fund appeal had little being given directly to seminarians.

            If you add up all the tuition, room and board, stipends, events, reimbursements, etc., multiply by the number of men, that final it is only a fraction of what was actually given. The “seminarian fund appeal” never rolled over. It was eaten up by the machine.

            Your idea to give to a seminarian is a wonderful idea. I guarantee you’ll get a more genuine thanks from him than the bishop.

  4. We will not give to the Ministries Appeal. We cannot vouch it will go to our seminarians. And we don’t think this is a good time to enter the seminary program given how our Bishop psychologically abuses his priests.

    Word is Fr. DeOreo was given a settlement in his civil case against his accuser. But what $$$ settlement did the diocese give the abuser – throwing Fr. DeOreo under the bus for these many many many months?

    Is that what I want to support by donating to this Bishop, his Vicar General and their inability to level with us?

    And by the way, what ever happened to those poor people suffering in Kokomo? Have their cases been settled?

    Too much deception, no transparency, and yet another program to be forced on the priests (and us) we hear at the end of this month at another indoctrination session.

    Not one penny to this diocese. Many prayers for the priests and seminarians who remain, but not one penny to this diocese.

    1. Our pastor’s approach was negative as always 🙁
      Said not liking the bishop was not a reason to not make a pledge. He must have chewed lemon peels instead of gum as a kid.

    2. I heard the people in the Kokomo issue were offered some type of settlement but they refused to accept it as they want to pursue other options. They claim to have evidence of Ted’s involvement and an effort to cover that up in the bishop’s office. The attorney for the bishop was apparently very nasty and demanding. So I guess we’ll hear more soon.

      1. Thank God- literally- for these brave people for holding the diocese accountable. Enough is enough! The nerve of the pastor preaching about donating to CMA when this mess is being played out behind the scenes. Appreciate Red Wolf for its transparency!

  5. Question. Who all here is going to donate to this year Catholic Ministry Appeal? What the reason why or why not? Has your pastorate told you you have a choice or not.

    1. We are going to give, to offer to God for our seminarians and for the programs that are needed for our people. When the bishop and the VC misuse the money, they are going to be held accountable for the money they have wasted these years they have been in power. But for our part, we are going to support our seminarians and other worthy causes. Our pastor is expecting 100% participation, which is what OSV told him to say. Everything you have heard or seen is on the script that OSV gave the priests to say. You can find the script/power point on the CMA website under “parish documents.” You can find the direction for them to not call the CMA a tax. Don’t insult us. It’s a tax on the parish income. All of that said, I am confident that the bishop and VC will get their just reward someday for the way they have run this diocese and treated its people. But one thing is for sure, the seminary bills need to be paid and so we will give to CMA.

  6. The Synod on Synodalicious Synodal Syondality is posing two new listening-session questions to us in anticipation of the next mockery session of the Most High later this fall. Here they are:

    1. “Where have I seen or experienced successes—and distresses—within the Church’s structure(s)/organization/leadership/life that encourage or hinder the mission?”

    2. “How can the structures and organization of the Church help all the baptized to respond to the call to proclaim the Gospel and to live as a community of love and mercy in Christ?”

    Unless you’re a paid shill or delusional boomer, I think we can all agree the answers from our diocese should be:

    1. My current bishop/VG and the reigning pontiff are the present sources of distress in the Church that are hindering the mission.

    2. If my current bishop/VG and the reigning pontiff are replaced with orthodox, charitable, and mentally-balanced men, then the baptized will respond to the call to proclaim the Gospel and to live as a community of love and mercy in Christ.

    Thank you.

  7. Really do agree with most of the comments here, I just wonder. I can’t think of a pastor (or associate for that matter) that has an even marginally good priestly life in our diocese. The bishop isn’t the only one. Us parishioners are relentless, and will ruin their mental health by cynicism, negativity, and uncharitable remarks given the chance. I thought recently how much the vocations crisis is because of my doing. And the amount I see parishioners pounding Father about the bishop, the dubia, the music at the 11:00 Mass, and in front of young men.. If I were their age there’s no way. Who would want to be a priest when we treat them like we do?

    How many times comments have encouraged taking away money from CMA! Yet, those funds either end up in the offering plate (and ultimately in the same place) or in our greedy pockets just because Dr. Marshall has gotten to us. We complain on here, but it still doesn’t go toward making the Church any better.

    I know an associate in this diocese who (like the rest) is at the end of the rope.. He agrees with me and would probably agree with most of us, but he lacks support from both directions.. the bishop doesn’t care, but let’s be honest. We don’t really care either. Priests have to go into pastoral council meetings like they’re getting ready for battle. Y’all, we complain too much. Truth is, our pastors are exhausted, and they’re getting it from both sides. The bishop tears into them every chance he gets and for the most part, our love language showing support and concern for the priesthood is complaining to them.

    I hope this Christmas to bring a little positivity into the world. I think I’m going to write a big(ish) check to one of my associates. And attach a letter saying thank you for your life. I support you and I’m glad you’re making the effort you do. And by the way, despite what everyone else says, you don’t suck.

    My thoughts. Thanks for reading.

    1. For our priests, getting hugs and money from the laity isn’t going to make our Bishop more human or the VG less unhinged. The waste, abuse, and neglect doled out by these men must be exposed and resisted for the sake of their souls and the souls they are supposed to be shepherding. Until these underlying problems in our local Church are remedied, no amount of “positivity” and “love language” adjustment is going to move the needle. The damage is too great. The heartbreak is too deep. And the obstinacy of these two men has gone on for too long. Our diocese has lost so much.

      What is needed is unified resistance to shake these men into coming to their senses before their time runs out. For the laity: Love your priests and stop feeding the machine that is causing so much pain. For the priests: Unify against diocesan malfeasance and the isolation they subject you to or continue to get picked off one by one. The bishop can’t suspend all of you.

      Pray and act. And may God’s will prevail.

      1. Has the bishop (shepherd of all the souls of his diocese) commented publicly on the recent blessings of SS couples coming out of Rome? I just saw a map of swaths of the US where bishops are supporting orthodoxy and where they’re falling in line with Rome’s heretical declaration. Indiana was not fairing well for orthodoxy on the map. I wonder if they’re keeping mum as to not impact the Christmas collection totals? Admittedly, I wouldn’t want to be in episcopal shoes as it’s essentially a no-win situation that Bergoglio has created for them on the earthly plane. That said, there’s always their responsibility of the souls under their care, and the consequences for leading them away from orthodoxy on the spiritual plane. Pray that our Indiana bishops all publicly promote orthodoxy.

        1. Bishop Doherty recently published comments on his YouTube channel about the SS blessings. He claims people critical of Bergoglio’s promotion of SS blessings haven’t read the related document. However, he didn’t say in what language. Catholic reporter, Diane Montagna, noted that while the English version uses the word “individuals”, versions of other languages use the plural referring to the couple. As many have noted, Catholic priests can’t bless disordered unions (no matter how much Bergoglio is trying to normalize the disordered behavior/lifestyle). Bergoglio is, again, masterfully using weaponized ambiguity to lead souls away from Catholic orthodoxy—not to it. If not known already, Bishops’ responses to this latest scandal of Bergoglio serve as clear litmus tests of where they stand on orthodoxy as well. Beware of wolves in shepherds clothing.

          1. Am I wrong, or is the bishop’s related video from this past January 19th no longer on the Dol-IN YouTube channel? It is still posted on the Facebook page. Perhaps a different source?

  8. Asking them for God is an interesting proposition. Ever since our AMAZING parish was added to the pastorut….pastorette…pasto…whatever; Ever since our AMAZING parish was consolidated with a bunch of less-than-AMAZING-parishes and mass only happens every third Thursday of every other month, me and the other AMAZING parishioners (down to about five now) hold what we call “God circles” at our AMAZING parish. We gather our wheelchairs in a circle, put on our Marty Haugen mix-tape via our battery-operated tape recorder, think about God, and light one candle each (both for effect and for the fact that father only keeps the power on during the week of the “third Thursday of every other month”). It’s AMAZING! Anyway, I’ll be sure to ask father about what you said next time I see him although my AMAZING memory is starting to slip, and we just got word that father has taken a leave of absence on bishop’s orders for not being able to do all the AMAZING things our AMAZING Pope Francis wants…or something…

    Hmm…maybe our AMAZING bishop will start coming on the third Thursday of every other month and do mass? Maybe he’ll accept an invitation to our AMAZING “God circles” too! Now that would be AMAZING!

    1. No but maybe he’ll send up his unqualified and over paid pastorate consultant to remind you how AMAZING everything is just before she schedules the listening session to shut down your AMAZING parish!

  9. With today’s announcement from the Vatican regarding SS couple blessings, I’d really like to hear the rationale now favoring Bergoglio actually being the pope. Stay confessed people.

        1. Popes shouldn’t be heretics or apostates, but in the Church’s long history we’ve had more than a few. It’s just been awhile. As in the past, a future pope will declare his predecessor(s) guilty of heresy or apostasy because he will have the authority to do such things. None of us has that authority. So relax. God will see to His Church. Our job is to cling to the deposit of faith, stay in a state of grace, frequent the sacraments, and resist errors (even if they come from the Vatican itself).

          1. Francis is a AntiPope. Wouldn’t be surprised next hearing he wants women into the priesthood. They’re already discussion of women deacons. Same sex marriage, blessing was the start. Francis is already on a triade against bishop that against his policies. Pray for a new pope soon.

          2. Those weren’t popes. They were antipopes. We’ve had about 42 in our history. Some saints even followed some unknowingly until clarity was given by the Magisterium. Bergoglio is worse, and is in all likelihood the false prophet of St. John’s Apocalypse. He is the master of weaponized ambiguity leading souls away from the true Catholic faith to what is increasingly clearly the Ape of the Church—AKA the Novus Ordo, or postconciliar Church. The Chair of St. Peter is either currently being impeded, or is fully vacant.

            If not already doing so, work to get in and remain in a state of grace while staying close to Our Lady under the protection of Her mantle. Pray daily to the Holy Ghost for clarity, understanding, and protection from deception.

    1. Let’s see, sex abuse scandal, financial malfeasance, united in heart, and now gay couple blessings. Just give us one more reason to move to another church, stop going, stop donating, etc. It is obvious that church leadership does not believe in or follow the faith.

      1. It might be helpful to read Church history and see what some rascals have failed to do, namely bring down the Church. Instead of whining, it would be better to make a weekly Holy Hour, go to daily Mass, and frequent the sacrament of Confession. God has this, He put us here to pray, not abandon the Church, and suffer right along with His Son. We were born for this. And pray for Peace in Bethlehem. Pray for those poor children living in fear this Christmas. We need to quit complaining and pray more.

        1. I agree but 99% of those in the pews will not respond as you recommend and thus we’ll continue to see huge declines in people at Mass, people donating and people participating with real fire from the spirit.

        2. It might be helpful for people to wake up to the reality of what transpired in recent Church History that culminated into what happened during the Second Vatican Council. This started what we are now seeing coming out of the Vatican of late (in all its planned disorder and weaponized ambiguity) See 4-part interview:

      2. No doubt Satan will be allowed to dish out more reasons to jump out of Peter’s boat before this dumpster fire called the “Francis pontificate” finally comes crashing to a close. All the more to continue to piss Satan off by staying in the Church.

        1. No doubt Satan will be allowed to dish out more reasons to jump out of Peter’s boat before this dumpster fire called the “Francis pontificate” finally comes crashing to a close. All the more reason to continue to piss Satan off by staying in the Church.

        2. The problem is Catholics are confusing the true Catholic Church (the Barque of St. Peter—outside of which there is no salvation) with the Ape of the Church ushered in during the Second Vatican Council via infiltration of Freemasons (including direct influence by the B’nai B’rith Lodge). With the latest dust-up regarding SS couple blessings, it’s a no-brainer that Bergoglio and his minions have jumped the shark making it clear as day.

          1. Sadly, what comes from the Vatican of late may only be the start of an even greater abomination.

            “The prophesies of the Apocalypse show that Satan will imitate the Church of Christ to deceive mankind; he will set up a church of Satan in opposition of the Church of Christ. Antichrist will assume the role of Messias; his prophet will act the part of pope, and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church. There will also be lying wonders in imitation of the miracles wrought in the Church…there seems to be no reason why a false Church might not become universal, even more universal than the true one, at least for a time.” — Fr. Berry, The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise [1927], pg.119, 15

      1. I was going to post a video of a bishop in Africa that clearing some this decision perfectly and not abandon the Catholic faith. To my surprise he a Francis appointee.

        Can’t post the link to the video though.

      2. Follow the lead of this true shepherd. This is what resistance looks like:

        +Martin A. Mtumbuka, Bishop of Karonga, Malawi, on Fiducia supplicans: “We have no choice, we cannot allow such an offensive and apparently blasphemous declaration to be implemented in our diocese. It is very sad for me, that for the first time in the history of the Church a document released [by] the Holy See, signed by the Holy Father, is rejected by his fellow bishops, and publicly rejected.”

      3. While this may sound like a good thing, the bigger picture of this refusal by bishops erodes the authority of the papal office. If a bishop can refuse the moral authority of a “bad” pope, what prevents them from refusing the authority of a good one? They need to go further and admit to the reality that we have an antipope currently claiming the seat of St. Peter. I would also argue that it’s actually much worse than just another antipope.

        1. True. You can say that too with the German bishops that cause this mess to began with. Even so this new document already violates a 2021 issue saying that blessings (outside of mass of course)only apply to a singular person not a group. All in all this is a mess that Francis cause and some even in our Diocese are defending it.

        2. So Bishops have to sit silently and allow a bad Pope to make bad decisions? And what of priests? Do they also have to sit silently while a bad Bishop makes bad decisions? What tools are available to help in both situations?

          1. Courage is what is needed for the clergy; The courage to realize that holy obedience does not include jumping off a cliff when ordered to. The bishops of Africa appear to have come to this realization. They are leading the way.

        3. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It does not erode the authority of the papal office at all. First of all, the Pope and the bishops have the enormous responsibility to protect the deposit of the faith from error. If a Pope attempts to change the churches teaching in a manner that is contrary to what has been accepted as divinely revealed truth, then the Bishops must correct him. Spirit led fraternal correction is a spiritual work of mercy. St Paul had to correct St Peter. Did that make St Peter an antipope? No. It made him human and all men are fallible. On the flip side, if a Bishop chooses to disobey a “good” Pope on a legitimate teaching, then that Bishop should be fraternally corrected for the same reasons. I don’t think Pope Francis is an antipope and we should be careful about declaring such a thing. That would be for the next Pontiff to determine and declare. The best we can do is to know what the church teaches, to frequent the sacraments, to pray and to fast where possible for those leading the church. Jesus told us the gates of hell would not prevail. I choose to believe and trust that He meant what He said. For whatever reason all of us have been chosen to live in these times and are we truly any better than those leading us. Are we doing all that we should to hold up our end? Look at our society. Do we not share some of the blame for the state of affairs we all live in? I know that I could do far better and have set goals to do so. Jesus said those of you without sin, toss the fist one… Can any of us truly toss the first stone? It’s good to expose the rot in the church and to let sunlight shine upon it, but we shouldn’t be so focused on the rot that we lose sight of the real prize…salvation. We are all hurt and scandalized by the stuff coming from Rome and what is happening in our diocese and around our nation. We can only fix this by humbling ourselves, repenting for all of our wrongdoing and making reparations to God. We get the leaders we deserve. Food for thought….

          1. But does the Pope have the act to change doctrine in the Church that Christ talk himself. The person that without sin and then he go and sin no more. Blessing a sin is not absolution it Apostasy. This is not a compromise but a start of a slippery slope I’m praying out Church doesn’t get swallow. Francis is his own philosophy and caving in to the German bishops which have been a thorn in our Church for some time.

      1. I heard an explanation by a priest at the pulpit and it was confusing at best. I’m not sure how many even knew what he was talking about, it cheated Epiphany of its solemnity and beauty. The Vatican tried to steal the joy from the season and I was trying to ignore the issue, but alas, my own pastor chose to talk about it, needlessly on Epiphany.

  10. Has anyone heard anything on the status of the Chuck Jansen scandal and cover up in the chancery by Fr. Ted Dudzinski and Jeanne Lausten? It seems to have gone silent. I know victims came forward, news media ran stories, Fr. Dudzinski was relieved of his duties for a few months, investigators interviewed several people and then SILENCE……….. Seems very odd.

    1. Fortunately for the bad guys in this case, Indiana’s statute of limitations favors them. If there are newer victims, they need to press charges otherwise nothing will happen unless state law changes. As for the diocese? Don’t make me laugh. No doubt they are pleased as punch to sweep all this under the rug along with the “safe and sacred policy” and the true financials for the empty Tipton Center.

      Boy, they sure pulled a fast one on all of us, huh? I’m sure they couldn’t be more pleased with themselves as they down ever-increasing amounts of sleeping pills each night. Just pathetic.

      Maybe instead of giving to the CMA (Catholic Misdirection Appeal), we can send them gallons of bright white exterior paint, you know, to keep up appearances and all (see Matthew 23:27).

      1. At one time there was an audit report online showing the millions written off from excess and unapproved spending by Fr. Ted Dudzinski at the retreat center. Have not seen it in a while. What is now worse is the diocese funds about 400,000 each year to cover operational losses at the retreat center. That 400k comes right out of the annual CMA tax we pay. So we have good money chasing bad and continuing the waste. It’s a nice center but really we can’t afford it and could never sell it for much.

        1. There are still reports online although buried showing the gross and possibly illegal spending that went on at the retreat center. One report is:

          The other report is:

          Dudzinski over spent without any approvals from the CFO at the time and so he resigned in protest over the reckless spending and horrible culture Dudzinski had created. Why on top of flushing over 5 million down the toilet in Tipton, the bishop flushes 400,000 more each year on this center is beyond me.

          Once the CFO found the mess and reported it to the auditors several finance committee members were livid and nearly resigned in protest. They forced the above reports to be published against the wishes of the bishop or Fr. Dudzinski. I wish they would get livid about the ongoing 400,000 loss at the center that we all pay with CMA money. Well maybe not all – many like me stopped giving to CMA years ago when united in heart started.

    2. I heard there is a letter written recently by Taylor School saying that when Jansen was forced to resign they properly informed Fr. Dudzinski and legal authorities about Jansen’s actions while employed with the school. This would mean that Fr. Dudzinski hired Jansen knowing of Jansen’s deviate and criminal behavior. Has anyone seen this letter or can it be posted here?

      1. Victims need to come forward. If they do not, then either there is nothing to this story or the bad guys are going to escape earthly justice and take their unrepentance to the Just Judge.

        Pity those that take their unrepentance to the Just Judge.

        1. Two employees in Kokomo recently “resigned” or were forced out or whatever for exposing this entire affair after Jansen spent time “babysitting” their children while employed by the church. I’m not sure if they were paid a settlement or what but do find their sudden and unexplained departure and the way this has been handled to be very troubling.

    3. Let’s look at all the known problems this vicar general, Fr. Theodore Dudzinski, has caused. Jansen affair – knowingly hiring a child sex offender, Fr. DeOreo lawsuits and removal from the priesthood, millions in unapproved spending at the retreat center in Tipton, Health concerns for priests and complete distrust due to the horrible program of United in Heart which we’ve yet to learn how much money was wasted on, extreme new IT costs that all parishes are forced to pay, and trying to launch a new big budget buster capital campaign to take yet more money from the parishes, some parish data system that we had to buy that never worked and now having to put in yet another system called Ministry Platform that likewise does not work so we are paying for an out of state consultant to come in to try to make it work and in Lafayette a new level of bureaucracy and costs to put in a central parish office that after two years is still not working but costing us more. These are the known problems and I’m sure there are more that have not yet come to the forefront.

      So it is just not an issue of a poor performing vicar general. It to me also shows what a horrible leader the bishop is. Any person in a company would have been fired for any one of these horrible and costly mistakes but the vicar general keeps going like the Duracell bunny spreading his havoc year after year and racking up mistake and mistake and distrust after distrust and waste after waste. This bishop is to blame for ceding control to such a power hungry man. God help us if he is the next bishop.

      1. There’s no way Ted Dudzinski will be the next bishop – it was very unusual for Bishop Higi to be named as he grew up in the diocese- bishops normally are from elsewhere. Bishop Higi was wonderful and Ted has torn asunder so much good that Bishop Higi created in the diocese. A new bishop will be in a terrible spot trying to clean up after this horrendous VG and our lackluster bishop. Their egos are boundless but I believe they will one day suffer for the mess they have made of our diocese.

        1. Like I said most likely our next bishop will probably be an Auxiliary Bishop or priest from the Archdiocese of Chicago. There no way Fr Ted will be a Bishop here. He has two other brothers that are also priests which is a conflict of interest itself. I believe Cupich has his fingers all over this Diocese and Archbishop Thompson is considered a moderate Archbishop. Most likely Francis will put puppets for Bishops for now on and Chicago is setting the tone for Francis papacy.

      2. From what I have heard the Vatican took Ted off the list of candidates for bishop period. He won’t be a bishop any place unless something changes. Seems a couple of years ago several people including former CFOs, former church employees, other priests and the bishop were all sent a form to complete from Rome via the nuncio. All but 1 (guess who) gave scathing reports on what a horrible choice Ted would be. Evidence was also submitted on the millions in unapproved spending on the Tipton center and they already had many letters on the turmoil Ted has caused across the diocese. Ted knows all this too which is why he has been nastier than normal to brother priests. Ted fumes each time one of his classmates gets an appointment and he does not. So other than experiencing his wrath for a couple more years, which the bishop allows, we won’t have to ever worry about a “bishop Ted.”

      3. Latest stink out of the bishops office is all over social media and at my parish. It reeks of Fr. Ted. A new hire architect to help with projects went in on his first day of employment only to be escorted to the personnel office where he was told his position was eliminated and he would not be hired. He had received the written offer weeks before and quit a good job to go work for the church. I’m sure the lawyers will love this one.

        1. He did the same thing at St Joan of Arc in Kokomo. Just talk with the many beloved staff and long-serving employees who were kicked to the curb. And let’s not forget that he did that while hiring a known pedophile

      4. Ted also put in a new first time ever tax on our Catholic schools. Now schools have to write a big check to the chancery since as one of his minions was instructed to tell us – schools don’t pay into the annual bishop appeal. So add this to your list of Ted’s good deeds.

        1. Wait, schools have to pay the diocese? The CMA ad says that our gift to the diocese helps the Catholic Schools. So the Schools, and probably other programs, are used as bait. May God replace the incompetent soon!

  11. Our director of operations (who is in a position to know), told a few of us this weekend that when all the priests met last week in Tipton, concern was expressed for their mental health.

    Apparently our leadership was taken by surprise at Fr. DeKeyser’s leaving. So the vicar of the priests got up and told the priests that their mental health is a priority and that if they need help paying for counseling, etc the diocese will help.

    Right after he told the priests to seek psychological help and they’d be helped financially to pay for it, apparently Bishop Doherty added, “That’s not a blank check.”

    What a caring, fatherly remark. No matter how many priests leave, it appears there’s “no blank check” of fatherly love for our priests by their shepherd either.

    Our director of operations was just disgusted and said if the Bishop truly cares about his priests, maybe he should sell the $9M retreat center in Tipton to take care of them.

    Is it any wonder the Ministries Appeal is such a flop?

    1. Another classic Doherty moment to throw on the very large steaming pile of similar moments. He is so predictably uncharitable. Bishop No Blank Check would do well to recall that what goes around comes back around when you finally stand before the Just Judge…

      “For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.” – Matthew 7:2

    1. Then email or call Bishop Kevin Rhodes of the Diocese of Ft Wayne South Bend and let him know about this acts of this college. He has stood up to Norte Dame before.

        1. Good to hear. Now hopefully the College doesn’t go to Cardinal Cupich or the Vatican itself to try pressure this Bishop to override his decision.

          1. Like they did with Brebeuf Jesuit HS in Indy.

            And pray the good bishop doesn’t get the +Strickland and now ++Burke treatment from the Vatican for doing what he’s supposed to do as shepherd of his flock.

  12. This weekend, my parish, and many others I suspect, will have a second collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Though I shall not draw the conclusions for you, I have read online evidence of misuse of these funds, substantial enough for me to opt to give to this orphanage in Uganda ( instead of CCHD.

    Also, if you are on facebook, please follow Boone County Right to Life!

    1. Oh if it is online it must be “evidence.” Better to review the audited annual report of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development or go to its website to see the many good works the Catholic Campaign for Human Development does.

    1. Notice also one of the members of this group is our current bishops and the picture posted right in center is Cardinal Cupin.

    2. Bishop Coyne in a recent interview with a Connecticut news outlet, talked about women’s roles in the Church in the future and he gave a nod to having at least deaconesses, maybe some day priestesses (my words, not his). JD Flynn, in the Pillar had this comment: ” But at The Pillar, we’ve told you for a while to expect a change in the approach, temperament, and style of the bishops appointed metropolitans in the U.S., reflective of the role of Cardinal Blase Cupich and Cardinal Joseph Tobin at the Vatican’s Dicastery for Bishops. It’s possible that change is already underway.”
      Let this be a warning to us all to pray and fast for clarity for the choice of bishop for this diocese. Fill the adoration chapels and churches, on our knees, in supplication.

      1. These wayward bishops are just digging their own eternal graves. Let them. Don’t listen to them. Don’t follow them. Pray for them, but get out of their way as they run down the broad road that leads to destruction. They have no faith. Don’t let them shake yours. Work out your own salvation in fear and trembling. God’s justice will prevail in the end.

  13. “For just as husband, wife, father, or mother turned against the nature of their calling can destroy those they engender, so may such an inside-out bishop do to those arrayed before him & placed under his charge.”

    Another good priest is gone.

    The diocese leaders are “shocked.” Why?

    The good priest who helped me and my family to understand that we’re called to holiness is gone because of “no one thing” according to the Clergy Vicar who wrote the priests to “feel free to reach out” to the diocese leaders.

    And if the priests do reach out, what help will they get? I mean real help. Practical help.

    Chances are they’ll get yelled at. Given impossible goals to meet. Told they have to fill positions that in a rural setting are impossible to fill they way demand.

    You know who’s going to “feel free to reach out?” The diocese. To us. To pressure us for money. To close more churches. To cut more Masses and confessions.

    Is it like extortion if a parish can’t give what’s demanded $$$ it faces “completion?” More double speak.

    We’re praying for that good priest who felt no support. We won’t forget him in our prayers and also all the priests who take the time to read my thoughts this morning.

      1. I’m not sure who all you are referring to in this, but I humbly ask to give the Vicar General more credit than this. He is exactly where he needs to be and working tirelessly and offering the sacraments to these parishes with so much love, tenderness and mercy. Like him or not, he was appointed by God and I encourage us all to pray for him not just daily, but hourly!

        1. It is only love that will be rewarded in Heaven. Frankly, many of these posts express no love.
          We lost a priest. That makes every single one of us accountable in some way. We have to work harder and together so that this does not happen again. The negative chit chat has to stop. Be that one person that brings Jesus. Bring Him. We need Him in each other and in our Churches!
          Thank you, Fr. Ted. You have stepped in bringing the Jesus in you. No one can deny that. Pray our hearts enlarge only to see above all things HIS LOVE in our hearts. With HIS love the graces we receive will bring the changes you all want and need. It takes all of us. We have to begin today with love, mercy, and tenderness. Exactly what Fr. Ted has shown us.
          What is this all about with the nicknames and staying anonymous? Show up with Him!!!

          1. To this argument I see both I sides of Father Ted Duduski. On one hard Im sure he his a great priest. He and his brothers are Devout priests that are faithful to the Catholic faith and we should be grateful for that. On the other hand though he and his boss Bishop Doherty have made questionable decisions that need to be exposed. I know on first hand that there is direct communication concerning between priest and Diocese personnel. That should be considering. Now going on here representing the Diocese and threatening legal action is Ridiculous and saying we are devout Catholic as well. We as Catholic have to defend the faith even from our leadership. WE ARE THE CHURCH,WE ARE THE FAITH.

    1. “The good priest who helped me and my family to understand that we’re called to holiness is gone because of “no one thing” …

      This. This is exactly what I have been telling everyone about this tragedy. I am praying Father can see and know how much he brought Jesus to us. He taught us SO much. Was never condescending. Amazing to our children. Father Dudzinski needs to hear all of these things. Whoever you are, I pray you feel that conviction to speak up to him. I’m so grateful to read this comment that so reflects what’s being weighing so heavy on all of our hearts.

      1. As I said in previous post the only hope in the Diocese that I see is to split the Diocese up with the other Dioceses and Archdiocese here in Indiana. We are losing priests more than we are gaining. We are relying on outside and Protestant groups to run our Diocese. Our Bishop and his staff do not properly communicate with their priests. I can’t see the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana lasting much longer if this continues. Even with a new bishop which is a high probability it Auxiliary Bishop from Chicago. The damage is already done.

        1. This post is all BS. Almost all dioceses around the US and world are losing more priests than they are ordaining. How many priests has your parish or your family produced of late? The average for most is zero so we all own a part of the shortage. As for protestants running our diocese that is just more made up BS typed here to create division. Getting a grant from a secular organization (Lilly) does not mean that organization is running the diocese. Parishes and schools get a lot of money and services from non-Catholics and secular companies but those groups don’t then control the parish or school. Come on use your head and put your efforts into real battles and try creating unity rather than trying to manufacture dissent.

          1. I guess you don’t pick up on the Archdiocese of Indianapolis news where they currently have 50 young men currently interested in the priesthood. That right 50. Second you probably haven’t read your bulletin from these past two weeks where the UIH column was by a Mega Church pastor not a Catholic. What next taking advice from Joel Olsteen or Paula White Catholic doctrine. The Diocese should never got this Lilly grant to begin with and this United in Heart is creating more division than helping Unite.

          2. You are wrong about every diocese suffering with a lack of vocations. Do some research. Bishops who are engaged with their people, and their seminarians have vocations.

          3. As usual you are trying to add words or put words in my mouth. I did not as “all dioceses” or “every Diocese.” I said “almost.” And “almost” is accurate. You can cherry pick a diocese here or there that has some short term limited success with vocations but the fact is and has been for a long time that US vocations and number of priests is on a steep decline. Those are the sad facts. If not for international vocations we’d all be in a world of hurt. Just use your brain or keyboard and google it. You’ll see stats like

          4. Quit beating around the bush. Yes there are some diocese that are struggling with vocations and that due because of lack of support from the Bishop and vocation department. Also I admit it society thing too. Remember the Child sex abuse scandals doesn’t help too. But you hint in your comments that every Diocese is struggling which is not in the case.

      1. Not sure about in our diocese, but this just posted: Pope Francis forcibly removes Bishop Strickland from office.

        Stay confessed everyone.

  14. There is a helplessness about this article. It’s palpable and it’s not surprising. I mean, after all the articles on this site: From exposing the idiocy of the “plan” to chronicling its path of destruction to literally begging the bishop to give us God (presumably because he’s been failing in that department), what is there left for the faithful to do but beg?

    But, such is the lot of the faithful. We are all beggars. And that’s not a bad place to be, really. In fact, God would seem to be using the occasion of our current bishop and his administration to simply deepen our yearning for the Master. For, like St. Paul, we “…long to depart this life and be with Christ, for that is far better.” (Philippians 1:23). So, while we all “remain in the flesh”, it doesn’t really matter what ecclesial comforts we’ll be denied; Whether they be the lack of a good shepherd, the growing fog of error, or even the denial of the sacraments (like during the Covid church closures), for the faithful, the path ahead couldn’t be more clear or more worth it:

    “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.” – Luke 9:23-24

  15. Fr Pine’s reflection is very good. I wonder how our bishop would respond if we would “ask him for God.” I feel we would get a wordy but confusing response. Perhaps I should try. I’ve not found the bishop to be a clear communicator or a person of decisive action, hence his choice of VG. Right now I have a bishop who is has not been connected in any real way with the parishes since he arrived in Lafayette and a pastor who does not communicate with his parishioners in any real way. We don’t know what happens or where our money goes. Questions go unanswered. Both men are insulated from the people. We wonder about the future and fast and pray for better days, not harder ones. Men who can be loving and responsible fathers to priests and people alike could do wonders here.

      1. When I said it go check your parishes bulletin for this week UIH column. It basically came out of a “ Protestant mega church pastor”. I would hear from Archbishop Fulton Sheen or Mother Anglicia not the pastor of the “Bridge Church”.

  16. As fasting has been whittled down to the bare minimum in the Novus Ordo mass culture, it seems to have been all but forgotten in our diocese save for during Lent as an important tool in fighting off evil—both from the outside as well as what has infiltrated the Church already. Imagine what could be accomplished by our diocesan members who after cleansing our souls of any grave sins through a good confession, we prayed and fasted regularly with petitions for Our Lady to pray and intercede for us in our personal and diocesan needs. Virgo Potens, ora pro nobis.


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