It’s That Time Again.

It’s That Time Again.

Last year, leading up to the feast day of Pope St. John Paul II on October 22, we invited readers to join with us for 9 days of prayer for the priests of Jesus Christ, using the following litany which Pope St. John Paul loved from his youth.

It’s time to do so again, and perhaps with renewed fervor.

We ask all readers to set aside a few moments each day to join us in reciting this litany.

We offer this for spiritual protection, healing, and strengthening for our priests, for an increase of faith, hope, and love within them, and for their peace of mind and heart.

We recommend to God’s mercy and kindness all of those who may be carrying burdens unknown to us, that they may be consoled, and we offer God our gratitude for all those spiritual fathers from whose goodness we have benefitted.

We remember also Fr. Michael Kettron, Fr. Alejandro Paternoster, Fr. Philip Bowers, Fr. John Ford, and Fr. Christopher Roberts, deceased of our diocese.


Lord, have mercy – Lord, have mercy

Christ, have mercy – Christ, have mercy

Lord, have mercy – Lord, have mercy

Christ hear us – Christ hear us

Christ, graciously hear us – Christ, graciously hear us

God the Father of heaven, *Have mercy on us

God the Son, Redeemer of the world,

God the Holy Spirit,

Holy Trinity, One God,

Jesus, Priest and Victim, *Have mercy on us

Jesus, Priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek, Have mercy on us

Jesus, Priest Whom God sent to preach the Gospel to the poor, Have mercy on us

Jesus, Priest Who at the Last Supper instituted the form of the eternal sacrifice, Have mercy on us

Jesus, Priest Who lives forever to intercede for us, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest whom the Father anointed with the Holy Spirit and power, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest chosen from among men, Have mercy on us

Jesus, made High Priest for men, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest of our confession of faith, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest of greater glory than Moses, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest of the true tabernacle, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest of the good things to come, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest, holy, innocent and undefiled, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest faithful and merciful, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest inflamed with zeal for God and souls, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest, perfect forever, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest, Who by Your own Blood entered the heavens, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest, who opened us a new way for us, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest, who loved us and washed us from our sins in Your Blood, Have mercy on us

Jesus, High Priest, who offered Yourself to God as an oblation and sacrificial Victim, Have mercy on us

Jesus, sacrificial Victim of God and men, Have mercy on us

Jesus, holy and immaculate sacrificial Victim, Have mercy on us

Jesus, pleasing sacrificial Victim, Have mercy on us

Jesus, peace-making sacrificial Victim, Have mercy on us

Jesus, sacrifice of propitiation and praise, Have mercy on us

Jesus, sacrificial Victim of reconciliation and peace, Have mercy on us

Jesus, sacrificial Victim in whom we have confidence and access to God, Have mercy on us

Jesus, sacrificial Victim living forever and ever, Have mercy on us

Be merciful, spare us, Jesus.
Be merciful, graciously hear us, Jesus.

From rashly entering the clergy, * deliver us, Jesus

From the sin of sacrilege,

From the spirit of incontinence,

From sordid pursuits,

From every lapse into simony,

From the unworthy administration of the Church’s treasures,

From the love of the world and its vanities,

From the unworthy celebration of Your Mysteries,

Through Your eternal priesthood,

Through the holy anointing whereby You were constituted a priest by God the Father,

Through Your priestly spirit,

Through that ministry whereby You glorified Your Father on earth,

Through the bloody immolation of Yourself made once and for all upon the Cross,

Through that same sacrifice daily renewed upon the altar,

Through that divine power which You exercise invisibly in Your priests,

That You would deign to maintain the whole priestly order in holy religion, * We beseech You, hear us

That You would deign to provide Your people with pastors after Your own heart,

That You would deign to fill them with the spirit of Your priesthood,

That the lips of Your priests might preserve true knowledge,

That You would deign to send faithful workers into Your harvest,

That You would deign to multiply the faithful dispensers of Your Mysteries,

That You would deign to grant them perseverance in the service of Your will,

That You would deign to give them gentleness in their ministry, resourcefulness in their actions, and constancy in prayer,

That through them You would deign to promote the veneration of the Blessed Sacrament everywhere,

That You would deign to receive into Your joy those who have served You well,

Lamb of God, Who take away the sin of the world, spare us, 0 Lord

Lamb of God, Who take away the sin of the world, graciously hear us, 0 Lord

Lamb of God, Who take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us, 0 Lord

Jesus, Our Priest, hear us

Jesus, Our Priest, graciously hear us.

Let us pray:

O God, Sanctifier and Guardian of your Church, raise up in her through Your Spirit suitable and faithful dispensers of the holy Mysteries, so that by their ministry and example, the Christian people may be guided under Your protection in the path of salvation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

O God, who, while the disciples were worshiping and fasting, ordered Saul and Barnabas to be set apart for the work to which You had called them, be present now to Your Church in prayer, and You, who know the hearts of all, indicate those whom You have chosen for ministry. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Ecclesiastical approval for English translation: Adam Cardinal Maida)

52 Replies to “It’s That Time Again.”

  1. The latest body count as I understand: Three priests (DeOreo, Arbuckle, Rothrock), three seminarians (names unknown), one seeking to leave the diocese and the UiH jibberish was built by MBA’s. Is that about right? Can anyone add to that? What’s the speculation that the upcoming priest meeting at Tipton being the topic of UiH un-sustainibility?

  2. Sad! Our pastor came for a visit last night. All the pastors has to attend a meeting yesterday. It was a rah-rah session for Uniting in Heart.

    Next week an obligatory 2-3 day meeting in Tipton because the Bishop wrote UiH is not “sustainable.”

    So the Tipton meeting is to??? Get the priests to agree to fewer Masses, fewer parishes? And the priests get to decide and take the responsibility instead of the Bishop?

    Meanwhile a priest going to a meeting frisked by the civil authorities before a meeting with the Bishop?!

    Our pastor is looking for a way to change dioceses.

    We’re very sad this morning but happy our pastor can confide in us…

    What is happening here is rotten. Just rotten!

    1. When UiH was first imposed, they didn’t allow the priests or us to comment or question. Remember? We weren’t supposed to speak against it. Wasn’t allowed. Inferred we’d be sinning against the Holy Spirit!

      So the priests (& us) are supposed to trust them now?!?!?!?!? Wonder how the Catholic newspaper is going to spin this meeting? #propaganda

      1. Sadly, I have only had my pocketbook as a voice. Despite continuing to tithe at my parish, it’s been a big fat zero for the Fruitful Harvest for a few years now. Not proud of that, but I can’t support what’s been coming out of the current bishop’s office the past few years. (Take note 3rd-party hired marketing firm.)

  3. More scandals in the Church! The Pope just fired a whole unit. See:

    Says the found “malaise and bad management practices” as well as “verbal abuse, favouritism, and general human resources mismanagement”

    If I did not know better I’d think they were talking about our own vicar general. All I know who have worked for and near to him have reported similar abuses. Wonder who we can alert the Pope and get a similar outcome?

  4. The Catholic Moment recent reported about so many souls in the diocese “on fire.” Because of the Uniting in Heart.

    Tonight I am thinking of good priests who have been injured and who are being injured because this program failure will not be abandoned. All the priests could lose their minds and souls and hearts and the leaders will never admit this is failing and very wrong.

    We pray for the priests tonight. Padre Mark Walter we will not forget you no matter what.

    Juan F.

    1. Right on, Juan! The injustices going on at the hands of our neglectful bishop and his tyrannical VG must be constantly dragged into the light. Justice demands that our bishop act like a bishop and not some detached, mid-level management corporate bureaucrat of a dying department store. Justice demands that our VG sacrifice himself for the betterment of the souls entrusted to his care, not the other way around. Do these men even fear God anymore?

      As Jesus Himself said:

      “…Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” – Luke 12:48

      Well, if they won’t listen to God, maybe they’ll heed the warning from His mother:

      “He has shown might with his arm, dispersed the arrogant of mind and heart. He has thrown down the rulers from their thrones but lifted up the lowly.” – Luke 1:51-52

      Come, Lord Jesus.

    2. Didn’t know Fr. Mark but my Cursillo friends and Serra friends loved his authenticity and simplicity.

      This is what everybody knows: if it hadn’t been for Uniting in Heart and its many demands, Fr. Mark wouldn’t have been completely entirely overwhelmed.

      Leadership needs to take responsibility instead of publishing statements from Fr. Mark absolving them from any/all/part blame.

      We the people in the pews know EXACTLY what’s going on.

      1. Um what? Have you not heard the truth? The former Fr. Mark now works at Purdue and is starting a family. He started the family while still in active ministry.

        1. I accidently clicked like on this post and wish could undo because don’t agree with what was said. Father Mark was a very caring priest and I think the remarks about him in this case are not charitable and even if true which I don’t know or care amounts to gossip.

          1. Yeah – much of the net and social media is “not charitable.” A sign of our times or a sign of our sinful and fallen nature. We should give Fr. Mark, the Vicar General, Fr. Deoreo, the Bishop and the Pope the benefit of doubt, knowing we lack some of the info and focus on the 8th commandment.

      2. News was released of yet one more of our priests crossing the line. Pray for Fr. Arbuckle and whoever else has been involved. It hurts my heart and to some degree my faith in the institution of the church. Too many locally bringing scandal upon the church, the faithful and those caught up in it all. I thought and prayed we were done with this but it continues.

        1. Fr. DeOreo and Fr. Arbuckle seemed to be on the conservative side of Catholic priests. In fact, I specifically sought them out on separate occasions since I felt they would give the most orthodox Catholic counsel on some matters I was dealing with. May the truth be ultimately revealed in both cases, but I hope accusations aren’t being weaponized against good and holy priests who may be resistant to what has been happening throughout our diocese. Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us.

          1. Whimsical accusations do not result in priests being removed from active ministry. It takes a “credible accusation” that has already been investigated to some degree to result in the removal from active ministry. So in common terms there is at least enough smoke to believe there may be a fire. And thus a more detailed investigation is opened.

          2. I went to Saint Joan of Arc and unfortunately I was a victim of father James DeOreo while he was still a seminarian. Now as for father Arbuckle I never heard anything.

          3. Hey, “Park”, interesting timing on your post given it came after the multi-million-dollar lawsuit. That said, if your accusation has merit, I assume you are following through with the appropriate reporting channels. If it’s false, remember calumny is a mortal sin, and quite cowardly for you to do such a thing.

          4. Imagine for a minute what would be posted here and across all forms of media had the Bishop ignored the credible claims about Deoreo and Arbuckle? We know how that ends as the church has lived it a few times. Best to let the process play out as church and civil law require then find out who acted appropriately.

          5. Yes–but that is the exact issue we seem to be facing right now, that our Bishop/Vicar General may not have “let process play out as church and civil law require.” And if they haven’t, we will pay dearly for it more ways than one.

            Ignoring an allegation would be indefensible, and I’ve not heard anyone suggest that. But recognize that it’s also indefensible to put your thumb on the scale against an accused person. Just like ignoring an allegation, this does not get us justice, and when the juridical process is contaminated, you do not actually protect victims nor punish the guilty because the tool for identifying guilt and applying penalties is itself broken. It will ultimately result in some guilty parties walking free to cause more harm, and some innocent people losing all semblance of a life. See the recent overturning of Harvey Weinstein’s conviction because of unsound legal methodology, or those cases where a dirty cop plants evidence.

            None of that accords with law in the Catholic sense. Canon law exists the way it does for a reason, the same as our civil law. You can do a lot of damage by playing fast and loose with it, or by overzealously hopscotching over due process. The same is true of psychotherapy as a tool for ascertaining truth, if you, for example, have an interested third-party sitting there steering conversation and making suggestions to the client.

            Again, whether or not allegations should be investigated is not the question at all. The question is whether our Diocese has been doing that competently, with the integrity of the process intact.

            Given the Kokomo / Jensen scandal, which does not, as far as I can tell, feature the same rigor, penalties, or transparency, a further question is whether the process is applied impartially to all.

            I can’t say I know the answers to these questions. But there seems to be sufficient reasons for raising them at this point.

        2. News was NOT released of Fr. Arbuckle “crossing a line.” The statement that was released says that an accusation has been leveled against Fr. Arbuckle, and that an investigation is in process, and he will not be allowed clerical responsibilities while the investigation is ongoing . I would respectfully suggest that it is irresponsible to speculate that Fr. Arbuckle is guilty of any infraction when nothing beyond the existence of an accusation has been communicated.

          1. This comment sounds like the same baloney we heard for decades as priests and those around them covered up their sexual sins and abuse of children and subsequently resulted in millions if not billions in payouts and hundreds of thousands to leave the pews forever, not to mention the real life-long harm that was done to the thousands upon thousands of innocent victims. Please do not minimalize the accuser or severity of the accusation in this instance. It would not be some off the cuff accusation that resulted in Fr. Arbuckle being removed from ministry. It had to be something severe and credible both in terms of the accuser and accusation to result in Fr. Arbuckle’s removal. We’ve had too many of these issues in the past in our diocese and now in recent years it seems to again be rearing its ugly head again. So sad. Yes so sad and so harmful to society and mother church.

          2. Again, with all due respect, I don’t believe that some of you “Anonymous” commenters have much, if any, knowledge of Canon Law or the machinations of Diocesan procedure. The diocese has worded their comments regarding Fr. Arbuckle very carefully. They did not say that there has been a “credible accusation,” only that there has been an accusation. It is lamentable, but “off the cuff” and “whimsical” accusations are indeed enough to sideline a priest while investigations are ongoing. This is standard procedure forced on dioceses by their insurers. A priest cannot serve in a clerical capacity if the diocese’s insurer refuses to insure him, as he otherwise would represent an unlimited liability to the diocese. And because of the tragic events of the last few decades, any kind of accusation against a priest is cause for the insurer to refuse to insure the accused priest. Until the investigation is completed and the insurer is either satisfied that the accusation is unfounded, or it is found to be credible and the priest is cashiered, the diocese has no choice but to put the accused priest on administrative leave.

            None of us know anything about the nature of the accusation, any of the events or circumstances that led to the accusation, or how far the investigation has progressed. I think that we would all be better served in assuming a humble and charitable posture, rather than engaging in wild speculation in the absence of any facts. Prayers for Fr. Arbuckle and the accuser would be, in my opinion, a more productive pastime.

        3. As the days grow darker in this silly, Christo-phobic country where people are more concerned with pronouns than true charity, all the faithful (especially priests) must heed our Blessed Lord’s words to his apostles:

          “Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.” – Matthew 10:16

          Though the world our Blessed Lord sent his apostles into was far worse than our pathetic, devolved, mockery of western civilization, these are the words to live by in these times if you want to save as many souls as possible while working out your own salvation.

          Priests and bishops have been the highest priority targets of the enemy since Judas Iscariot and will continue to be until death and nature are stunned at the second coming of the Lord. Priests and bishops are hated the most because of the sacramental graces they dispense and the great humiliations those graces inflict on the enemy.

          “Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.” – Matthew 10:16

          This scripture commands the faithful to be vigilant! In these times, all the faithful have targets on their backs (priests and bishops have even bigger targets on theirs), and our opponents are both inside and outside Holy Mother Church now. We must be both docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit AND seven-steps ahead of the forces arrayed against us. In these times, some will save souls (and their own) by stealth and earn the white crown, while others will be called to make the ultimate public confession and earn the red. Sadly, there will also be some that succumb to despair and fall into apostasy or worse. Don’t be one of them. Stay in the Church.

          We are in these times for a reason fully known only to God. And while scandals will come and injustices will come, neither can sway a soul from the narrow path unless you give in to despair.

          “For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor present things, nor future things, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 8:38-39

          The only one who can separate you from the love of God is you. So don’t let that happen. Be vigilant. Keep the faith. And ask God to make you into the shrewdest of doves!

          Long Live Christ the King!

  5. Time to vote and especially vote out school board candidates cooperating with Satan to place and protect porn in school and public libraries and in English/Literature class reading lists. That includes socially liberal Republicans, a peculiar Hamilton County phenomenon, but perhaps not limited to Hamilton County.

    1. Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Amen, I say to you, it will be hard for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

      – Matthew 19:23

      1. Agreed. Rationalizing the long trail of destructive failures of the VG is like getting repeatedly punched in the face by someone and then telling yourself “Maybe they were just having a bad day…”

          1. Good. Bring it on! I would expect nothing less from this utterly detached, completely out-of-touch, vindictive, petty, and cowardly diocesan leadership. May they burn through the money even faster next year, close more parishes, and liquidate more assets. They have made themselves so unworthy of these things by their behavior that the sooner they are deprived of all of it and scatter like rats once the last penny is spent the sooner the faithful can rebuild from the ashes.

            “For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” – Matthew 25:29

          2. My parish once again is not going to make its Uniting in Whatever goal this year. I suppose appraisers and accountants will be coming by soon to begin the liquidation process. I guess everything is going according to plan…

          3. Punch 3 of X just hit us for 2023. It has been commanded from on high by the vicar general that all parishes and schools are to use only Resultant, one of Indy’s most expensive and under-qualified firms, for computer and IT support or any type of technology work. God know what this is going to cost us and what we’ll have to spend to cancel current software, hardware, and service contracts. We don’t have an IT person but those that do now also have a big HR issue. My goodness when will the insanity stop????????????

          4. Increased centralization always increases inefficiency. Sounds like the diocese is heading to the IT equivalent of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Take a number, wait in line, and think of Uniting In Heart!

        1. We just got our 2023 and 4th annual $10,000 invoice for Uniting in Heart. This was to be a 3 year program and 3 years of invoices. So here we go…… Merry Christmas I guess.

      1. Speaking of…did anyone attend the George Weigel book tour making the circuit in our diocese? His current book supposedly argues that the Second Vatican Council was fine but just misinterpreted/misused—suggesting that St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI are the ones that clarified it. I’m dubious of that thesis.

        Separately, say a prayer for his intentions as he had to postpone future talks due to a hospitalization for unreported reasons.

        1. All the best to George. I hope he gets better if there is an issue. But he is irrelevant to the young, faithful Catholics of today. They don’t read him. They don’t care what he has to say. He offers nothing they want. And when he and his generation are gone, he will quickly be forgotten. He represents the last dying gasp of a generation that were so convinced that Vatican II would really be “a new springtime in the church”, that when the springtime never came and a bleak winter set in, they couldn’t deal with it. They just closed their eyes and kept telling themselves that the springtime is just around the corner. Well, like all people that mumble to themselves, others tend to avoid you. You’re odd.

          Young, faithful Catholics have open eyes and want transcendence in their liturgies, meaningful and unapologetic preaching, and a profound respect for the Church’s ancient traditions and devotions. And, like the pearl of great price, when they find it there’s no going back. I think it’s set in for a lot of young Catholics that until this boomer generation is gone, the Church will continue to be held back. Fortunately, time favors the young. The real springtime awaits them and will be for them.

          1. Well said! I couldn’t have said it better. However, your last paragraph is a little too optimistic to me. I think we are further into the apocalypse than most realize. When in history have things been so dire in the Vatican while also all the world leaders seem to be rallying around a Freemasonic one-world reset?

          1. Hopefully, not related to taking any of the COVID injections (tied to humanized mice research). Those things are bad news all around. Interesting how he’s rationalized taking them as being morally OK, and the fact that his doctor son-in-law works for a company affiliated with their development. I guess that’s not as disturbing as reading that Notre Dame is now requiring their students to take yet another round of these abortion-tainted injections also tied to so many side-effects to stay enrolled. They have certainly lost their way—which was inevitable after the Land O’ Lakes statement.

          2. Yes, he came back, and I think he really misses the mark with his supposition in the book he’s currently promoting. He also (perhaps for sake of time) gives a complete whitewashing of the related events prior/during/post Second Vatican Council.

  6. Good call, RedWolf. Prayer is the starting point in fighting the enemies of Christ that are outside the church and, sadly, inside the church. May our good priests who suffer neglect at the hands of their bishop and abuse at the hands of their vicar general be strengthened in their supernatural faith.

    “The God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory through Christ Jesus will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you after you have suffered a little. To him be dominion forever. Amen.” – 1 Peter 5:10-11


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