Back from a little hiatus and hope readers have been well.

First: We have so much to be thankful for in the overturning of Roe v. Wade decision on June 17. God has opened a door, both for greater legal protections of for the sanctity of life, and for governance at lower levels than the country’s highest judiciary. Both of these give us the opportunity to move toward a view of human being in our law which recognizes their inherent dignity.

We will have ongoing challenges at the state level, and among friends, family, and community members who have been led to believe for so long that the taking of innocent life is a fitting solution to societal problems. Pray that they open their minds to better possibilities.

We should also consider what we might do in support of women and families in difficult situations, so that they can keep their babies with not just our encouragement, but our friendship, presence, and assistance.

We’ll hear many more disappointing things from powerful people identifying as Catholic, and likely more acts of unhinged rage from activist groups. I am doing my best, and invite you to join me, in letting these tempests pass while we focus on the restoration of the human right to life in our culture.

The decision did not go unremarked upon by our diocesan leadership, but the Bishop’s column in our most recent Catholic Moment was devoted to Bishop Doherty’s disapprobation of tobacco-related deaths, gun ownership, climate change, gerrymandering, and of course the real scourge that we shouldn’t ever lose sight of: “social media innuendo about clergy or layperson reputations.”

Part of the concern also centered on the further complications of not having enough clergy: the fact that we are short by at least 2 priests and that it’s hard for those due for time off for retreats or sabbatical days or home visits to achieve this. This concern will lead to the further suspension of the Communion chalice, in order to prevent illness or infection from covid from disabling one of the existing clergy.

And of course, UiH runs on.

And yet …

We most first and always say: God, we thank You for Your graces poured out for us every moment. We praise You even for our crosses. Let us carry them if that is Your will. Do not let us lose heart, but purify us and make us fit to serve you, the One True God.

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    1. Per his early and mid-August group emails, he returned from a trip to Paris and Lourdes in June. Since back from medical leave, he noted he’s working to become a Third Order Franciscan by this fall and putting increased efforts into his parishes/parishioners in the Indy area.

  1. What is the benign explanation for the wreckage this program has made of our parishes? If they were trying to destroy everything, what would they do differently?

    1. The “plan” is simply a decline-management business model of consolidation and centralization with the hopeful goal of stabilizing and increasing revenues through increased efficiency. While the Catholic Church (in its visible form) has some business-like trappings, it is not a business. The only “product” it is selling is salvation; And it sells it for free. Therefore, conventional business management models ultimately fall-short because they simply can’t account for the supernatural. There is no tool in business that can quantify grace.

      Since we have bishops and clergy in charge that have lost supernatural faith, they are governing the church accordingly. That’s why everything sucks right now. They are imposing impossible, worldly goals on an institution that can only rely on the Eternal Logos for its sustenance.

      If they were purpose-driven destroyers, there are far quicker way to bring the Church to her knees. I do not believe they are. They are simply individuals who got ordained (for most of them, probably for very altruistic and genuine reasons at the time) and have since gone cold since obtaining power and responsibility.

      So here they are, in charge of a church they don’t really believe in anymore. And since the institution provides for their material wants and needs, it is much easier to stay and try to make the Church into something else that provides meaning rather than leave, start a new career in the world, and be forced to provide for themselves. It’s all very selfish; and that selfishness breeds all sorts of errors and destructive habits as we’re seeing play out before our eyes.

      That is why draining the institution of its money is really the only remedy. It is the only way to separate those bishops and clergy that have a fighting chance at conversion, repentance, and reclaiming their dignity from those that have truly abandoned all hope.

      1. I think we have men in control of the diocese who aren’t capable of the job of leading. They lose their tempers instead of having compassion, can’t tolerate anyone who has an opinion not their own,, and have sadly alienated their priests and the laity. They operate with a business model rather than the model given them, that of the Good Shepherd. How long will this wreckage continue? I suppose we must wait until Rome takes notice and changes things. Fasting and prayer for our priests are what we need to hang on to.

        1. You describe perfectly the behavior and style of the Vicar General. He is an angry control freak who does not like any discussion or differing opinions. Worse he discourages collaboration. He prefers yes men and sycophants. As we heard in an indoctrination session on Monday, culture is built on good things you promote and bad things you allow to continue. Allowing the VG’s toxic behavior is killing the Catholic values and culture of the diocese. That behavior seems to have worsened since the news leaked about the VG being disqualified as Bishop material after negative responses to a questionnaire from Rome were tabulated. Pray for the VG and diocese.

          1. You have the VG nailed. I’ve had personal experience with his ire and ego and it takes a lot for me to pray for him. I pray that he is removed from his position!

          2. I hear his right hand man, Deacon Mike, who crafted the big hits of Realm and United in Heart, never retired as planned and is working remotely from Tennessee while making really big bucks and drawing a pension. What is the story here? Seems like some transparency is needed here. I hear Realm was a failure and after all the time and money is being replaced after just two years. I also hear his latest gifts to the diocese are the consolidated business office in Lafayette and Resultant doing all the computer work across the diocese. How much money are all of these projects costing? I won’t give another dime until there are some explanations.

          3. Dear Anonymous. It sounds like you have first hand experience and interaction with the VG. Have you done anything to report his anger, toxic behavior and his demoralization of the culture within the diocese? (Rhetorical question….but if you haven’t, please consider doing so. Nothing is going to change until those with first hand information gain the courage to stand up and say something). Praying for you and for all the holy men of our diocese.

          4. Dear Anonymous. It sounds like you have first hand experience and interaction with the VG. Have you done anything to report his anger, toxic behavior and his demoralization of the culture within the diocese? (Rhetorical question….but if you haven’t, please consider doing so. Nothing is going to change until those with first hand information gain the courage to stand up and say something). Praying for you and for all the holy men of our diocese

        2. You hit the nail on the head. We saw a real display of poor leadership just last week. At a gathering of all the parish business managers in Tipton, Fr. Ted Dudzinski while speaking got very angry with questions and showed his typical harsh, controlling and damaging style. When asked about job losses and lack of job benefits for those being dismissed due to business office consolidation and what the future holds for all in the room, Fr. Dudzinski got flustered then got mad and basically said he has no crystal ball to predict the future and does not know what will happen. Then things got worse. He was asked why parishes and schools, those of us in the room, were not being included in the decision to give Resultant all the IT support of all parishes and schools. He got red faced, fidgeted around, tapped the podium and basically yelled and told a lie saying something to the effect that we have all known about this since last October and provided no feedback. Then he went on about not liking the answers he hears from us and thus he was no longer asking our opinion. When the questioning continued he said he would take this offline one on one after the meeting. Nothing was said about all out IT staff who will lose jobs when Resultant takes over nor about how many millions this will cost nor about who else bid on the project in addition to Resultant. So the meeting ended with harsh words and more bruised relationships. We’ve been talking about it all week and may send a letter to the Bishop. Any ideas on who might be able to help us and how to handle that process?

          1. Please send a letter to the bishop! Ted needs be outed and held accountable. He is doing so much damage! All for his own ego

          2. I am so sorry that this happened to you and to others.
            It sounds as if things are coming apart. It is so very sad. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

          3. I’m not sure Ted’s behavior is an ethics issue but it is abusive/toxic management/behavior. Certainly some of the SJRCC and UIH spending issues were ethical lapses. But our diocese has a place to report ethical issues at:
            Another approach in addition to making the Bishop aware of these ongoing aggressive and harmful actions of Ted’s is to make the Apostolic Nunciature in DC aware. He is the Pope’s representative in the US. His email address is:
            Good luck.

          4. Yes, please send a letter to the bishop, the pope and the papal nuncio. You have first hand interactions and experience with the VG. As I stated above, nothing will change until those who have the first hand experiences start reporting them or speaking out about them. Praying for you and all of our holy men in our diocese.

    1. From Vatican City and encircling the globe, an iron curtain has descended across the Catholic Church. Behind that line lie a faithful remnant clinging desperately to the faith of their fathers in what I must call the modernist sphere, and all are subject in one form or another, not only to modernism’s influence but to a very high and, in many cases, increasing measure of control from the Saint Gallen mafia…

  2. Another casualty of Uniting in Heart this weekend: a good priest gone – the Vicar General at the priest’s pulpit expressing surprise in the name of the diocese and then late last night a call from our pastor saying he got an email from the diocese saying the priest’s leaving WASN’T a surprise after all.

    The 4 Ds
    Defend UiH
    Deflect discontent
    Deny anything is wrong

    Our leadership has no shame. Prayers this morning for all our priests. Prayers and love to all our priests and especially for the priest who must be going through a lot.

    St. Alphonsus and St. Dominic, pray for us!

    God is with us.

          1. the VG was at Masses last week and told people. Fr. Walter wrote about his decision in the AUg. 7 bulletin which you can read online

    1. You forgot the D for Dominate, every narcissist’s favorite. Pick nice gentle people for key positions because you know you can push them around and control everything. And when eventually you break them . . . oh well, too bad, they should have been better–more like you!. The very definition of *using people.* What an absolute bloody shame. God protect and heal our very kind, generous priest who was never anything but good to me and my family. And to the bullies that run our Diocese: Almighty God has seen everything that you have done, every time someone has been raged at behind closed doors or put down or treated as less than Wonderful, Important You. God loves those people as much as He loves you and their suffering won’t escape His notice.

      1. The glory of this age passes; on Judgment Day all these honors will be good for nothing. It is not my intention to waste my life on the vanity of ecclesiastical honors. I think of the day when I will have to render an accounting for the flock that has been entrusted to me by the Prince of pastors. Understand my fears, because my fears are great.

      2. You are right the suffering of priests in this diocese will come to the attention of God. We have many good priests if they are just left alone to do the work of God and not that of man. Also, everything done in darkness will come to light. May be more than our Bishop wishes.

    2. Who can pray and fast this Friday (8/5) for this situation? If you can’t fast, just pray. Divine Mercy at 3pm, wherever you are. Let’s do it.

      1. I’m in. Will certainly fast and pray. When I realized who the priest was my heart sank. He is a good priest with a kind soul. Prayers up for him.

    3. This is honestly one of the most scandalous things to come out of UinH. This stupid plan has cost a good priest his vocation- to say nothing of his spiritual and mental well-being. Father was gentle and loving and absolutely overwhelmed at Blessed Sacrament. He won’t be the last…. all of our priests are overwhelmed and overworked. And THE PLAN that was supposed to save us all is killing them.

      1. Our priests are our most precious human resource: They bring us the Lord and His sacraments. That our hierarchy so casually disposes of them through mistreatment and neglect is such a crime. What exactly was the point of encouraging a man to renounce the world, nurture a vocation through countless hours of discernment, spend tens of thousands of dollars over many years on his seminary education, only to throw him into a meat grinder once he’s ordained?

        Frankly, as someone who has given to seminarian funds, where is my return on investment?

        Why should I give any more to a system that is so cavalier with this most precious resource?

        Until our hierarchy finds where they misplaced their hearts, not one more cent.

      2. Who? What? When Where? Why? I don’t care if people posting remain anonymous, but it is hard to follow when the priest is also not named.

    4. Um…….. Talk with anyone in West Lafayette who knows the truth of what went on and I doubt you’ll use the term “good priest”.

    1. It’s honestly getting kind of boring watching the pope and weak-kneed bishops and clerics march down the road to perdition in their stupid attempts to suffocate the faith and usher in the universal church of man. I’ll keep praying for you guys, but I’m done watching you spiritually execute yourselves. It’s tedious and just not very uplifting. I’d rather keep the faith and set my eyes on heaven. God is so worth it!

  3. Cigars? Check. Guns? Check. Ridiculing gay bishops online? Check. Driving a truck that gets 10 miles per gallon? Check. This is starting to feel personal…

  4. I was highly disappointed that there was no mention of the SCOTUS decision on Roe during Mass the Sunday following the formal announcement. At very least, I thought a prayer of thanksgiving would have been appropriate, but nothing… It’s just sad.

    In terms of the Precious Blood being withheld, I am not so upset since we receive the whole of Christ’s body and blood through the Eucharist. However, I must admit that the greatest jolt to my faith was the first time the Precious Blood was withheld during the swine flu scare a few years back. I have always believed and continue to believe that Jesus is fully present; body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist. Even though the Eucharist retains its accidental properties of bread and wine, it is beyond my comprehension that anyone would actually fear the reception of our Lord. Clerics have told me that because of the accidental properties, illness could possibly be transmitted. I struggle to follow that logic because it shows a complete lack of trust in our Lord’s commandment to receive Him. To show fear of a disease above the necessity to receive our Lord is cowardice. This is my opinion, of course. Furthermore, can anyone identify a time in history when a disease was spread upon receiving or by administering Holy Eucharist?

  5. My understanding was that the diocese took control of the bank accounts even before UinH took effect. No one currently employed would probably want to talk about it. They would lose their job.

    1. Your understanding is wrong. A couple of years ago after several Parish accounts had no one to access them or sign checks, the VG suggested that all parishes and schools add the CFO of the Diocese as an additional account signer. In emergencies it has helped make sure that parishes can pay bills. Local pastors, business managers and finance councils still control the accounts and finances.

      1. But why then did money leave the parish account to pay money “owed” to the diocese without that person knowing just what date that was going to happen? The money went straight to the diocese, sucked down to Single like those vacuum tubes at the bank. Something fishy here.

        1. Nothing fishy going here. This is the decline-management plan working! Didn’t you know that “Unaccountability”, “Deception”, and “Cruelty” are the three pillars? As long as money flows into parishes, the diocese can drain them at will to prop-up the empty Tipton Center, pay useless loyal staff, take on new vanity projects, you name it! It’s called a parish tax and it’s quite the racket. If images of a mobster wringing protection money out of a shopkeeper come to mind, you are very close to the truth of things.

  6. Idk about diocese taking over parish finances but i what heard yesterday before mass was one of parish decided to use seven thousand for a family that had family “hostage “ in Mexico and then there asking the other parishes in the pastorate to help recoup the lost. I’m hoping Red Wolf can look into that.

      1. Agreed. Even though they said this “isn’t” a scam, the thought that posted this after they paid it without any discussion of parishes or there councils kinda question what there doing. They said the total ransom was 23 million and the parish put up 7 thousand. Haven’t heard anything on the news or anything about it. Hopefully a audit will be done because something is fishy about this.

      2. I heard this too at the intentions prayed at Mass. That money was used to free family of St. Mary parishioners in Anderson and they prayed it will never have to be used again. Really?? They just opened a big can of worms. If I was down in Mexico and a criminal I would now find other members of St Mary’s families and raise the ransom even higher next time.

      1. What is not true, Jose? If you are saying them paying the money is not true then why would they put it in the intentions at Mass with the priest and people all there. They stated they did pay the ransom and hoped money would never have to be used again for it. I was sitting there I know what I heard.

  7. I read Bishop Doherty’s letter on Roe v Wade and thought it was well done. Others might want to read it. It was published on:

    Our pastor read the Bishop’s letter at Mass. While prayers have been answered, so many Catholics have joined with those now trying to codify the right to abortion at the state and federal level, and thus much work and prayer remains.

    1. Agreed. Red Wolf can’t go on vacation. Without a regular dose of common sense provided by this forum, I find my eyes start glazing over as I’m drowned in a banal sea of Uniting in Heart flyers and CMA pledge cards while slowly succumbing to spiritual lukewarmness after reading the latest social justice “Seamless Garment” article from the bishop.

      Thanks for coming back, Red Wolf. For a second there I almost entertained the thought that investing in the St. Joseph Retreat Center was a good idea…

  8. Is there any truth to the rumor that the Diocese of Lafayette is going to take over all the parishes finances in a seperate office and have it so they are not allowed to spend money without approval!? It does not sound appropriate if it true. Why would a parish not be allowed to make their own financial decisions and spend their own money in reasonable way. It’s very annoying that there is no information about this and the person I talked to said people are not allowed to talk about it and they can’t say anything more. This should have been explained in public if it true. It makes me less trusting to give any money, even more than I am already.

    1. Well, if that is true, then that will end my (significant) tithing to the parish and have to redirect elsewhere.

    2. I have not heard that all parish finance departments are being absorbed. I have heard that a new accounting system is being put in at all parishes. I think in Lafayette/West Lafayette all the parish business offices are being consolidated into one office. I have also heard that all computer support for all parishes is being pulled together to be handled by KSM/Resultant. Lot’s to chew on here!

      1. They’ve already gone public with this. The bulletin for the Church of the Blessed Sacrament talks all about this new finance scheme.


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