A Many-Splendored Thing

A Many-Splendored Thing

Jesus before high-priest Caiaphas

Diocesan clergy met this week in conference with Bishop Doherty. Some frank & intense discussion on the subject of the liturgy ensued.

Reportedly, some of the clergy expressed a wish or calling to minister better to the numerous young people, including college students and young couples with children, who are traditional in their spirituality & who desire to attend Mass in the extraordinary form.

Though Pope Francis’ motu proprio is obviously narrowing the circumstances under which this is possible, there were avenues proposed in the course of this meeting which would not violate the document’s rules but would permit the desired ministry to these persons.

We are sorry, though not surprised, to say that our bishop will be applying Traditionis Custodes in the strictest and most Cupichian fashion, permitting no such liturgical ministry to occur in the diocese.

These clergy stated that such young people are taking their children and leaving, finding places of worship and connection in other dioceses outside of Lafayette, like South Bend/Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

(One must wonder if some will leave for other groups whose status within the church is murkier, all licit doors having been slammed in their faces.)

These concerns were not, however, shared by the bishop.

Expect a decree on this, which the bishop describes as “a love letter” outlining his refusal.

If in the form a valentine, one might expect “GO AWAY YOUNG TRAD FAMILIES: YOU AREN’T WANTED,” in exquisite calligraphy, to be its centerpiece.

Love is indeed a many-splendoured thing.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan / OrthoChristian.Com
“The Good Samaritan.” (Spot the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana at the upper right corner.)

We need to ask two things of readers.

In the first instance, if this confuses and upsets you, please renew your prayers for our bishop, and indeed for our pope. There are enemy lines where reason, compassion, and humanity can’t penetrate, and beyond these one must implore the Mother of God to go.

Secondly, lift up your priests in prayer & gratitude. It’s becoming plain that some number of our priests are observant and conscientious, and are pained on behalf of their people whom they don’t wish to lose. They are seeing what others choose not to: souls that need care, people they want to serve. May God bless and keep them.

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  1. If you have decided to withhold support for the annual diocese appeal, PLEASE consider a donation to Catholic Radio Indy, the local radio affiliate for EWTN, instead. Their website is https://www.catholicradioindy.org and there is a donation link and mailing address. The people who run it are great people and in the face of a shortage of available frequencies, have fought an uphill battle to obtain and expand coverage.

  2. This man is a convert to Catholicism. He’s charitable, calm, and reasonable. He has over 90K subscribers on his YouTube channel that he is evangelizing or who already agree with him. And I pretty much agree with everything he says here, anybody else? Why on earth would you want to push away the young Christians like this that God is sending you? It’s like the story where the man in the flood refuses to get on the raft, the boat or the helicopter and then asks God why He didn’t send anyone to help him. SMH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCEnrCHo1Uw

    1. Why on earth would you want to push away the young Christians like this that God is sending you?

      Because they no longer believe. That’s why.

    2. Unfortunately, this dude (and all Catholics like him) are not the sort of Catholics that most of our bishops are looking for. They don’t want people like this in the pews. They don’t want men like this applying for seminary. They want you either gone or on-board with the modernist project of steadily transforming the Church into the universal church of man.

      The good news? They are old. We are young.

      Time favors the faithful.

  3. There is the ever present call from the Bishop office for more money.
    Doesn’t he realize that these young couples tithe? It is part and parcel of their spirituality. To give as they have received.
    Sending them to another diocese to get their Spiritual nourishment represents a bleeding of the Bishops coffers.

  4. I’ve never been to the Latin Mass. But here’s what I notice: our bishop is always ready to mandate something or forbid something.

    Rule by decree means he’s lost the priests and he’s lost us.

    Have I missed his announcement (or decree) about the national campaign leading to the 2024 Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis? From the USCCB website;

    “It will officially launch on June 19, 2022, on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. Dioceses will be encouraged to hold Eucharistic processions on that day, Bishop Cozzens said. He said Blessed Carlo Acutis, the young Italian Catholic who used his computer skills to share online content about Eucharistic miracles, will be the patron of the revival’s first year.”

    Want to bet that Uniting in Heart and its craziness will trump any revival/participation in our diocese?

    What’s the date and where will Bishop Doherty will be leading the Eucharistic procession?

    My opinion: until we’re fed, we shouldn’t feed what’s going on in our diocese! No $$$

    1. Yes, where is any announcement from the Chancery about that Eucharistic Congress? They are so tied up with their UinH agenda that they don’t let their people know about this exciting endeavor. Let’s have listening sessions in parishes on how to help with that. Jesus is what we want and need, not these crazy agendas from the Vatican.

      1. If the bishop really wanted to hear from us, the people, and our thoughts about Uniting in Heart, he’d visit the parishes for weekend Masses and stay to greet us afterward.

        This bishop doesn’t want to be confused by the facts!

        1. Do you know what this diocese needs? A Catherine of Siena! A woman to tell these men to quit being bullies! I fear that is what our diocese is suffering from: bullies.

    2. One of the first things I saw at the beginning of Uniting in Heart was the chilling statement that there would be no opposition. Things have gone much the way I expected after that.
      Shutting the churches during the pandemic was just a golden opportunity to do everything in the dark. When the lights came back on, we were able to see the real damage of this horrific program.
      I have no words to express my anger at the authors of this debacle and deep sorrow, most of all for the suffering of our beloved priests.

      1. Your anger is justified. Our Church is being hollowed out from the inside by the very men graced with protecting and promoting her. Pray for them. Pity them. The suffering they are inflicting on the faithful is not going unnoticed by Heaven. And that fact should terrify them.

  5. I remember in 2016, Cardinal Sarah spoke of the Mass said “ad orientem” and how it was a more reverent way to say the Mass. He asked priests to begin using that posture when Advent came. After all, Vatican II documents didn’t turn the priests around, the liberals did. The reaction from the Vatican and USCCB was swift. “Don’t even think about!” was the gist of the response. It was very interesting to me to see that while Bishop Doherty is sometimes not clear in his statements, he was very quick and very clear to say “No Way!” This is no surprise that like Pope Francis, Bishop Doherty is not going to meet these young families halfway. This is what makes every synod so ridiculous. Listening sessions? Only some are worthy of the Bishop’s support. The sheep know that the head shepherds don’t care. God bless those priests who were brave enough to care about ALL of their people. Yes, many prayers are needed for the wreck that is being made. Prayers, but no more money.

  6. I periodically go to St John Evangelist downtown Indy to get a Sacrosanctum Concilium fix. I’m not very good at praying Mass in the EF (how I dislike that phrasing!) but inasmuch as 23 or so rites celebrate in the vernacular, I tended to believe the reform of the reform was at least workable. Naiive me. Point being St John is a sea of young people praying well in the midst of some chant, pipe organ, traditional hymns and now and then the Greek Kyrie and Latin Sanctus and Agnus Dei. Father Nagle down there is a pretty awesome dude. Some of our priests surely notice the attraction authentic Catholicism holds for young people versus 30+ years of hippy-dippy lava lampish St. Louis Jesuit churchpop and a coat of Rustoleum on an heirloom. St John’s is an hour of relief and palpable joy. You might drive there or St John Cantius, Chicago, to feed your soul amply, richly. No one comes to our diocese and goes home saying, “Hon, what an incredible Mass I just came from!” Now, I know I’m just another crab in an echo chamber. Lord, I’m sorry. I’ll try and avoid the sarcasm and guessing at motives–all I can think of is to say that I will keep praying for better before I pass from this world. But I am not confident.

    1. Give to them directly. Sure, you can’t take it off your taxes, but you have the peace of mind that they are getting the money to spend as they need.

    1. Given the deep love he has for his sheep and the strong fraternal bonds he has with his priests, I’m betting the bishop puts in for an early retirement for “health reasons” at a point that will shockingly coincide with the financial chickens of Uniting in Heart coming home to roost. Those Illinois golf courses will be calling after all!

  7. I am grateful to our priests, always, for laying their lives down for us all. Prayers for them are unceasing. And I am grateful that “some number” have even been willing to stick up for traditional Catholics and at least acknowledge before their bishop that there is a need going unaddressed. That the bishop wants to go full-Cupich on all of us isn’t a surprise. In fact, the bishop was probably disappointed that there were no public latin masses to ban in this diocese since Traditionis Custodes was dropped on the neck of the church like a lead brick. At least Cupich has plenty of parishes and priests he can target for destruction. It’s actually kind of funny: Our bishop is going to ban something that was already not happening in any regular way in this diocese. Oh well. For so many Catholics in this diocese, it’s kind of hard to miss something you never really had.

    For the few priests that occasionally publicly offered the old mass during the relatively carefree days of Summorum Pontificum, thank you. Good memories. Blessed times. May they come again when these dark times are done.

    1. What I want to know is when priests are going to ban together and refuse to follow this man he may an ordained bishop
      We and the church needs bishops that wear pants not skirts, some real men following Christ
      Only reason I go to Mass is for Eucharist no other reason
      This falls in same category as:
      Peters pence suppose to go to world poor but about 80 to 90%

      1. Anonymoussays:
        February 18, 2022 at 5:17 pm
        What I want to know is when priests are going to ban together and refuse to follow this man he may an ordained bishop
        We and the church needs bishops that wear pants not skirts, some real men following Christ
        Only reason I go to Mass is for Eucharist no other reason
        This falls in same category as:
        Peters pence suppose to go to world poor but about 80 to 90% goes to Vatican admin expenses
        CRS monies go to charity buy many of the charities support abortions, birth control and transsexuals and changes they supposedly must have
        Usca also these same issues thru donations to liberal charities
        So your dollars are going to evil

        1. It’s not going to stop until we stop giving money
          Put your donation on an account to use when church returns to Christ one holy catholic Church
          Or donate directly to a charity that you know is faithful to true Catholic Faith
          One more: if you donate to seminarians thru the diocese not all of your donation goes to seminarians but goes to general fund where it is dived up according to the budget. If the budget not being met then diocese decides where it goes
          They only understand money $$$$$$$$$$$


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