Thank You to Our Readers

Thank You to Our Readers

As the year ends, we wanted to take a moment to thank those who have taken the time to read, discuss, and share their experiences in our diocese. Many of these conversations are difficult to have. Your response has solidified our belief that we need to continue having them.

We’ve learned there are many more Catholics actively concerned than expected. Our readership expanded greatly over the second half of 2021 with new subscribers each week–almost 70 this week alone.

There are a lot of you, and we’d like to ask something of you.

We would like, first and foremost, to make this readership an army of prayer: much needed prayer for our pope & bishop, our priests, and for ourselves.

Without this, we will be unable to bear our present difficulties in the way that best serves God.

But with Him, we will be able to discern how to engage wisely, to speak out when it is necessary for the greater good of the Church, and to be supportive to those who have become discouraged.

So in 2022, we invite our readers to join us in praying daily for the healing and good of our diocese the Memorare and the Prayer to Saint Michael.

Will you be a part of this? Let us know below.

14 Replies to “Thank You to Our Readers”

  1. How do I learn about the issues concerning the retreat house, the annual fundraising and Uniting in Hearts? Have I missed anything concerning father Rothrock and BLM? Uniting in Hearts leaves me mystified. It ‘feels’ like an MBA’s, uhh, happy moment, incoherent to me. Father Dudzinski had a reputation for orthodoxy when he was in Kokomo, or so I thought. Those seem to be the main concerns addressed here. I’d like to learn specifics.

  2. Thank you Red Wolf for helping my spiritual life the past year. You’ve taught me what’s most important is prayer. I needed that reminder. You’ve been like a spiritual friend in these tough times in our diocese and the Church. Again, THANK YOU!

    To all the priests and seminarians who read this, and I hear there are very many: I am and countless others are with you. We know what you’re going through. We know your anxiety, your fatigue, the lack of care and concern you endure. You are not alone! The lay people are with you. We pray for you daily.

    2022 – 1) prayer – for the bishop and priests and seminarians
    2) asking God for direction
    3) remaining faithful to the Church
    4) not subsidizing bad stewardship, lack of transparency, half-truths, the retreat center, etc., with our hard earned money
    5) continuing to tithe in some way to support our parishes, Religious Orders, etc.

    God bless you Red Wolf and the good you are doing. May God reward you!

    1. I agree with Red Wolf and Uniting in Prayer. We need prayer. For my part, I am adding a prayer to St. Jude, who truly knew how the Holy Spirit works, and who knew how to authentically serve the Church and God’s people. 2022 will be the first time we are not giving to the diocesan appeal. We have always felt that by giving, we were helping our parish in the end. We had a pastor who maintained the physical campus and always made sure the sanctuary of the church was truly the Holy of Holies. Now we seeing a change. Now we have no transparency about money, what is going on in those pastorate meetings, a lack of care around the parish. Is this the new pastor or is this diocesan rules to keep the people in the dark and drain the parish finances? Are parishes being, deprived of the weekly collections, thrown into the fire to maintain the crazy plans of the chancery? We all have a plethora of places that we can give our money, where it is used well. Sorry, Bishop Doherty. You let this awful mess happen. You will own any disaster that come, not us. I will pray that with this new campaign he sees the mess he has wrought. St Jude, please help us!

      1. Welcome to team “Not One More Cent”!

        I think this year begins the course correction both culturally in society and spiritually in the church. Like you, people are fed up. They are fed up with the elite-imposed destruction of their way of life. They are fed up with the out-of-touch church leadership that’s in bed with them. Normal people have been pushed into a corner with increasingly little left to lose and the inevitability of what’s coming is becoming more palpable by the day. I never thought I’d see the day when our government would destroy its own economy and society over a virus with a 99% recovery rate. I never thought my own church would lock its doors and deny the sacraments to the faithful FOR ANY REASON; And, that they locked those doors and told us to watch priests offer masses for themselves on TV over a virus with a 99% recovery rate was all the more humiliating. They have broken all trust.

        In both the culture and the church, there really is no stopping the coming peasant revolt at this point. They’ve overreached. These little emperors have no clothes and every day more people see it. We’ve all been tossed into a giant crucible. For the faithful, this is where great saints can be forged. Human history is replete with these moments. Ours has arrived.

        “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

        Come, Lord Jesus.

  3. I will add the Memorare to my daily Rosary at noon each day. The St. Michael Prayer is already said in Latin at the beginning of my Rosary.


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