“Deeply Catholic” President Vows “Whole-of-Government” Response to Texas Abortion Restrictions

“Deeply Catholic” President Vows “Whole-of-Government” Response to Texas Abortion Restrictions

This week, Texas became the first state to enact a law–thus far unchallenged by the Supreme Court–whereby abortions are not permitted after detectable cardiac activity in the unborn child. The law further permits civil suits against entities continuing the practice in spite of the ban.

President Biden, who has been running the country largely by executive mandate, had a sudden anguish for threats against the Constitution. He surged forth together with Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi, to promise unrelenting opposition to the law with the force of the federal government, calling it “bizarre” and “an unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade.”

Repeatedly appealing to the fact that Roe has been the law of the land for over 50 years, Biden stated: “My administration is deeply committed to the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade nearly five decades ago and will protect and defend that right.”

Harris vowed: “We will use every lever of our Administration to defend the right to safe and legal abortion — and to strengthen that right.”

It has been left to reporters and right-leaning pundits to ask why Biden continues to throw his enthusiastic support behind an act that the Church has deemed most emphatically not a right but a grave sin and a homicide (for considerably longer than 50 years).

Owen Jensen, a reporter for EWTN, inquired of press secretary Jen Psaki: ” “Why does the President support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong? …. Who does he believe then should look out for the unborn child?” Psaki gave the same tired responses as in previous briefs, and further lashed out at Jensen with the *super-convincing* argument that Jensen can’t comment on abortion since he is a man.

We’ve been over this before. We urge our readers to look for ways and means to support those fighting this evil: legislatively, spiritually, and practically.

But at the end of the day, it remains to be asked: whose duty is it to address those who misrepresent what it means to be a member of the Church, who want to have it both ways (clinging both to the adulation of the progressive & powerful in the world and to the communion of faithful united in belief in Christ)?

Whose job is it to correct those who present themselves to the world as “deeply Catholic,” but at the same time remain “deeply committed,” with “all the levers” of power at their command to fighting Catholic teaching tooth and nail, empowering violent wickedness of the worst kind, and endangering their own salvation?

You know what this is, right?

It isn’t enough, and has not been for some time, simply to refer back to the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of life, when the most highly-placed in the flock believes he need not accept that to have communion with the Church. This secondary error must be addressed, whether we like it or not.

“Be pleased, Lord, to rescue me;
Hurry, Lord, to help me.
May those be ashamed and humiliated together
Who seek my life to destroy it;
May those be turned back and dishonored
Who delight in my hurt.
May those be appalled because of their shame
Who say to me, “Aha, aha!”
May all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You;
May those who love Your salvation continually say,
“The Lord be exalted!”
But I am afflicted and needy;
May the Lord be mindful of me.
You are my help and my savior;
Do not delay, my God.”

Psalm 40

18 Replies to ““Deeply Catholic” President Vows “Whole-of-Government” Response to Texas Abortion Restrictions”

  1. The diocese is under the OSHA mandate to have all employees vaccinated. What will the official response be? How will they deal with this loss of freedom for their employees? Remember, this is an experimental shot, so legally it cannot be forced on anyone.

    1. If this is being mandated by our bishop, ask to see the specific OSHA regulation. I’ve read that no regulation has actually been written to date. Woe to any bishop forcing this on their diocesan staff.

      1. If true, how can any Catholic bishop mandate such a thing so closely tied to the use of aborted material let alone all the deaths and adverse reactions tied to them currently and growing? How embarrassing at best.

    2. You’re asking how a bishop like ours, who unapologetically and obediently closed all churches on Caesar’s orders and deprived the faithful of the sacraments for months over a virus with a 99% recovery rate, will react to Biden’s vax mandate? Seriously? You’re actually wondering what he’s going to do? No, really? You actually want to speculate on what sort of ethical crisis our “PhD-in-Christian-Ethics-and-specialist-in-health-care-ethics-issues” bishop is going to go through before he makes a decision? LOL! Of course he’s going to instantly fold like a cheap set of vestments as soon as he gets the memo from Cupich to order all employees to vax or be fired. And when Cupich sends out the memo to require proof of vaccination or be denied entry to all church property, the biohazard warning signs will instantly go up on every church and school front door barring entry to all the filthy “unvaccinated”. Everything is leftist-politics with these faithless shepherds. Politics is all they have left since abandoning the One True Faith. They are not on our side. Pray for them, but understand that there are actually some obstinate souls out there who prefer eternal separation from God.

        1. It’s much worse than cells. Organs were harvested from recently aborted humans, cut up and grafted onto mice as part of the development and testing of these vaccines. These humanized mice studies are primarily being done at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This information has been known for quite a while. Yet, our bishop has encouraged his flock to take these injections and even allowed “vaccine” clinics on diocesan Catholic school property.

          Good blog documenting the humanized mice research:

  2. Joe Biden: A true child of the “spirit of Vatican II” church of accompaniment.

    The blame for this senile old monster’s existence falls on (of course) the bishops.

    It’s frankly become tiresome to, once again, ask “what do we do?”, and “why don’t the bishops do something?” I’m utterly tapped out emotionally on this matter. The bishops aren’t defending the faith. Period. They haven’t for decades because of malformation, greed, and cowardice. That’s why the bishops “won’t do anything” and aren’t likely to do anything unless they convert back to the One True Faith and abandon the world’s illusions for good. If they don’t, then they die in their errors and will find themselves before Almighty God pleading: “Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?” (See Matthew 25:45-46 for God’s answer to that question)

    As for what the laity can do? It’s the same as always: Just work out your own salvation in fear and trembling while praying for and defunding the church (by “defunding”, I mean ensuring your tithe doesn’t feed the beast that has sunken its fangs in Holy Mother Church). The beast dies without money. Starve him of it.

    God will straighten out this mess. He is faithful.

    Come, Lord Jesus.

  3. The divide in this country among bishops is clear. It seems a waste of time to keep arguing about it. The bishops are a corporate mess. And we know the ones who are leading their flocks to perdition. Having just watched the beautiful opening Mass from Hungary, a country whose Queen has been The Blessed Virgin Mary for centuries, I think it is clear that our diocese would be better served to spend time, energy, money on developing a Eucharistic Congress. This could be an endeavor to strengthen families, parishes, vocations. Forget that retreat center. Forget stockpiling money for programs. I’m pretty sure that is not the Gospel message. Let’s put the chancery staff to work on something real. Families and parishes are where the diocese needs to concentrate. We need Jesus, and not another wasteful monetary appeal. Until then, no more money. Give us a diocesan event we can be proud of.

  4. As a Sister Principal once said to me many years ago, “If you are going to be a Catholic, be a good Catholic.”
    We all fall short, but God is good all the time, and we must live in that reality or we are lost.

  5. So, just to summarize:
    The “fetus” has a heartbeat, unique DNA separate from the mother, can feel pleasure and pain, can be born via C-section, and can “accidentally” survive the abortion, but it’s not a baby?

  6. If your position aligns word for word with the position of The Satanic Temple, then you might not be doing Catholicism right.
    “Abortion laws in TX violate our religious rights and TST has taken legal action. If TX judges abide by the Constitution and legal precedent, then those who share our deeply held beliefs will be exempt from the state’s inappropriate efforts to restrict access to abortion services.”

    1. NYT Paywall, so can’t see much. But in the part that was visible, the author was criticizing Christians for thinking fetus is a human person. “They have determined that a fetus is a person and therefore abortion is murder” was the sentence I saw. May I assume you stand behind this?


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