Vatican Declines Mass With Biden

Vatican Declines Mass With Biden

Catholic News Agency reported yesterday that the Biden entourage’s request to attend Mass with the Pope today has been nixed by the Vatican.

A meeting with Pope was planned during Biden’s trip to Europe for the G7 Summit and will still take place.

According to CNA:

“President Biden, who is in Europe for several high level meetings, is taking off the morning of June 15 to meet Pope Francis as President of the United States for the first time. The President’s entourage had originally requested for Biden to attend Mass with the Pope early in the morning, but the proposal was nixed by the Vatican after considering the impact that President Biden receiving Holy Communion from the Pope would have on the discussions the USCCB is planning to have during their meeting starting Wednesday, June 16. The U.S. bishops are slated to vote on creating a committee that would draft a document about Eucharistic coherence.”



Other outlets are reporting that, as of today, per Vatican sources, no meeting will take place between Pope Francis & President Biden.

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  1. “the proposal was nixed by the Vatican after considering the impact that President Biden receiving Holy Communion from the Pope would have on the discussions the USCCB is planning to have during their meeting starting Wednesday, June 16. ”

    The proposal was shut down because the Vatican was concerned that it would impact the USCCB conference… why would the Vatican or the Pope care if it influenced the outcome of the USCCB conference as long as the teaching was upheld? It seems to me that the Pope missed a teachable moment. For the Pope to deny Joe Biden the Body and Blood of our Lord as long as he continues to publicly promote sodomite unions as marriage and abortion on demand in contradiction with the Church would have been good for Joe’s soul. Likewise, that teachable moment may just have been what the USCCB needed to re-affirm the teaching and then have the example of Pope Francis upholding that teaching. Instead, it would seem the Vatican took the approach to not overstep some imaginary boundary. Assuming the Pope was consulted on this and gave the published response, how could this be viewed as anything other than a dereliction of his chief responsibility to protect the deposit of faith and the sinner. Where is the love for the sinner? Where is the love of protecting Jesus from sacrilege? In all fairness to the Pope though, it may have been an issue that was decided without his prior knowledge. Continue to pray for him.

  2. Watching the debate on Bishop’s Rhoades amendment to write a teaching document on the Eucharist, I was struck by what seems to be fear on the part of some bishops (Cupich always at the forefront, Tobin, McElroy and company) to even teach about the Eucharist. They know that within the document, worthiness to receive will be addressed. It seems that they and many more bishops think that everyone is welcome to the “table.” After all, they have been teaching that for 50 years. So the REAL issue is SIN. They don’t seem to believe in it. They have a false notion of the mercy of God and forget that line of Jesus’ “Go and sin no more.” They don’t want to offend our leaders, political and clerical, who in effect worship the god Baal, with practices of sexual immorality (homosexuality and promiscuity) and child sacrifice ( abortion and fetal tissue research using live aborted babies). They seem to have forgotten the many stories of kings in the Old Testament who worshipped the same god. “And he did evil in the sight of the Lord.” I would suggest that this is a line that all need to ponder, especially those bishops who are not clear in their teaching or clearly teach that people who promote sin are welcome to the table without repenting and changing their lives. We don’t need models of this sort of Church. Christ gave us the real model. And he warned through the ages about following the god Baal and how that leads to destruction of leaders, people, nations. Who spoke more about hell than Christ? Who called out the religious leaders more than Christ? We are there now with the leaders that we have, both political and clerical. It was heartwarming for me to see so many good bishops speaking clearly about the need for clarity. We aren’t lost yet. I am sorry that our bishop wasn’t one of them. Bishops will have much to answer for at their own deaths and those babies being sacrificed to the American Baal will be there at their judgement.

    1. I fear that the Democrats and their media will now wage war on the good bishops. This was evident yesterday. We must pray that our faithful bishops and priests are protected from the demonic forces that batter the Church and our country. Pray and fast. We were born for this.

  3. Hmmm… I see the Vatican’s decision as a pragmatic political decision. The upcoming vote to vote to vote on the possibility of restricting some people from Holy Communion would jeopardize PF’s favored Cardinal Cupich’s,( and Bishop Doherty’s) plan to ditch all the voting, thus scuttling all the discussion on Eucharistic Coherence, whatever that is. You see, the TV image of the Pope giving Biden Holy Communion would cause an uproar among tradition, pro-life Catholics; an uproar even Pope Francis wants to avoid. Pressure does have an effect.

    As Red Wolf pointed out the modernists running the Church can’t stand the conflict that defending the Truth demands. The Faith weakened Bishops have little stomach for conflict; hence all the deafening silence from the Bishops on moral issues. The way to combat the silence is to rabble-rouse the Bishops, make them equally uncomfortable for not speaking out! Man the “pitchforks.”

    1. The Church is not a democracy and right & wrong are not determined by a majority. But it’s always nice to see some good numbers of stalwart faithful behind Church teaching. This poll by CatholicVote says 73% of Mass-going RC’s think the bishops should discuss this issue of communion. 82% of respondents “believe public officials who identify as Catholic but openly advocate for policies hostile to Church teaching are hypocritical.” 80% think a bishop fails his job if he doesn’t speak up against moral evils. 83% think he still needs to do it even if other Catholics will disagree with him. 84 %think those who claim Catholicism but promote evils are sowing confusion and disunity. Maybe the COVID shutdown might have driven away the semi-practicing, less-formed Catholics and now more serious-minded ones are left. It’s at least possible. Anyway that amounts to a lot of “pitchforks.”

    2. What these faithless shepherds don’t realize (because they’re faithless), is that the pitchforks from the faithful (which are really just compassionate rebukes) will never stop coming their way until they either repent and believe in the gospel or leave the church and fully embrace the world they’ve been playing footsies with for all these years (and if they choose the later, that’s when the real nasty pitchforks come out, and they won’t be held by human hands). So why don’t they realize this? Because unlike themselves, the faithful actually believe in the ONE TRUE FAITH handed down by the apostles. The hypocrisy of a bishop who does not believe and yet remains at his post is something the faithful cannot silently abide. That God permits faithless bishops to remain at their posts is simply another proof of the unfathomable depths of God’s mercy. For God wants all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, even faithless bishops.

      These faithless bishops would do well to recall how the first bishops dealt with betrayal of their Master:

      Judas Iscariot despaired in his sin, refused God’s mercy, murdered himself, and entered into a hopeless eternal punishment of suffering without purpose.

      Peter was overwhelmed with shame by his three-fold denial of Christ, begged for mercy, received it just after breakfast on a beach along the Sea of Galilee. And now – keys in hand – casts his martyr’s crown with joy at the feet of his Master, forever caught up in eternal bliss.

      Pick your bishop, oh faithless successors of the apostles. For in the end you will either be with one or the other. The choice is yours.

  4. A laudable decision. Praying fervently that the Holy Father will exercise his venerable Office to admonish POTUS of his heinous actions that give grave scandal and impel his own soul to damnation.

    Perhaps something like this will happen…
    Pope Francis: “Do you love the Lord Jesus? Will you follow His most excellent way?” and “Are you willing to suffer for Truth and His righteousness?”

    If Biden is unwilling to repent and change his ways, he reaffirms his freely chosen sin – allegiance and friendship with the fallen way of the world and betrays Christ Jesus Our Redeemer. In such a case let the appropriate canonical penalties ensue.

    Our greatest hope is the salvation of his soul. May this meeting accomplish God’s holy and perfect Will.

    1. Can we maybe all pray for this today, especially to the Holy Spirit? Pope Francis and President Biden are both being given an opportunity today. I know it seems hopeless. But Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit to be with the Church no matter what and the Holy Spirit helps us be truthful about sin and to open ourselves up genuinely to God. He is in charge and He has had harder cases than than these two!

  5. Don’t worry, President Asterisk, you’ll still get your photo-op with with Pope Pachamama. And at least the faithful are spared the site of yet another sacrilegious holy communion by a notorious apostate while the super-geniuses at the USCCB contemplate taking a vote on whether to take a vote on initiating a committee to study the creation of a panel to vote on the feasibility of creating a subcommittee to draft a document outlining the process of drafting rules on the creation of statements concerning…..climate change. After which, they’ll move to their keynote speaker, Fr. James Martin S.J., as he runs through all the Pride-Month events the USCCB will be hosting around the country.


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