Abortion Joe

Abortion Joe

This week has brought an interesting scuffle in Church politics, as it became plain that U.S. prelates cannot bring themselves to state as a unified group that abortion needs to go, and that Catholics must not participate in it, even if they occupy the highest seat in the land.

That’s a pretty low bar, yet some of these dog-faced ponies couldn’t manage to clear it.

USCCB president Archbishop Gomez released a lengthy statement which included the following:

Working with President Biden will be unique, however, as he is our first president in 60 years to profess the Catholic faith. In a time of growing and aggressive secularism in American culture, when religious believers face many challenges, it will be refreshing to engage with a President who clearly understands, in a deep and personal way, the importance of religious faith and institutions. Mr. Biden’s piety and personal story, his moving witness to how his faith has brought him solace in times of darkness and tragedy, his longstanding commitment to the Gospel’s priority for the poor — all of this I find hopeful and inspiring.

At the same time, as pastors, the nation’s bishops are given the duty of proclaiming the Gospel in all its truth and power, in season and out of season, even when that teaching is inconvenient or when the Gospel’s truths run contrary to the directions of the wider society and culture. So, I must point out that our new President has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender. Of deep concern is the liberty of the Church and the freedom of believers to live according to their consciences.

Our commitments on issues of human sexuality and the family, as with our commitments in every other area — such as abolishing the death penalty or seeking a health care system and economy that truly serves the human person — are guided by Christ’s great commandment to love and to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, especially the most vulnerable.

For the nation’s bishops, the continued injustice of abortion remains the “preeminent priority.” Preeminent does not mean “only.” We have deep concerns about many threats to human life and dignity in our society. But as Pope Francis teaches, we cannot stay silent when nearly a million unborn lives are being cast aside in our country year after year through abortion.

Abortion is a direct attack on life that also wounds the woman and undermines the family. It is not only a private matter, it raises troubling and fundamental questions of fraternity, solidarity, and inclusion in the human community. It is also a matter of social justice. We cannot ignore the reality that abortion rates are much higher among the poor and minorities, and that the procedure is regularly used to eliminate children who would be born with disabilities.

Rather than impose further expansions of abortion and contraception, as he has promised, I am hopeful that the new President and his administration will work with the Church and others of good will. My hope is that we can begin a dialogue to address the complicated cultural and economic factors that are driving abortion and discouraging families. My hope, too, is that we can work together to finally put in place a coherent family policy in this country, one that acknowledges the crucial importance of strong marriages and parenting to the well-being of children and the stability of communities. If the President, with full respect for the Church’s religious freedom, were to engage in this conversation, it would go a long way toward restoring the civil balance and healing our country’s needs.

Cardinal Blase Cupich–not quite as quick on the draw this time as he was in blocking the McCarrick Report previously–took to the interwebs to let everyone know he was Most Seriously Displeased.

In a flurry of tweets, he stated:

Today, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued an ill-considered statement on the day of President Biden’s inauguration.

Aside from the fact that there is seemingly no precedent for doing so, the statement, critical of President Biden, came as a surprise to many bishops, who received it just hours before it was released.

The statement was crafted without the involvement of the Administrative Committee, a collegial consultation that is normal course for statements that represent and enjoy the considered endorsement of the American bishops.

The internal institutional failures involved must be addressed, and I look forward to contributing to all efforts to that end, so that, inspired by the Gospel, we can build up the unity of the Church, and together take up the work of healing our nation in this moment of crisis.

Cupich wants an approach “inspired by the Gospel.” Guessing he’s not a fan of John the Baptist’s whole “repent of your sins and believe” schtick, which must, in such a view, be taking up a needless amount of space on the sacred page.

Cupich also crafted a separate statement, America Magazine reports, offering his warm congratulations:

“The new administration begins in a time of global pandemic, economic peril and deep division, when millions of our brothers and sisters have been brought low by illness, poverty and racism. We pray that the way forward will be inspired, as the Holy Father asked, by dreaming together.”

The Cardinal was joined in his dudgeon by an unnamed Vatican official, who lamented Gomez’ statement as “most unfortunate” and liable to “create even greater divisions within the church in the United States.”

In separate statement, Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, who previously all but endorsed Biden as a candidate before the eyes of the Catholics he leads, declared himself inspired by Biden’s words at the inauguration, and wondered aloud:

“What I don’t understand are people who use very harsh words and want to cut off all communication with the president because of [his stance as Catholic who supports abortion].”

What we have got here is a failure to communicate. Well, let’s clear it up for Nighty-Night, Cupich, and all the rest who supposedly find themselves perplexed, upset, puzzled, or surprised by Catholics expecting one another not to participate in child murder.

Biden earns every censure he gets from the Catholic world. The incredibly mild, kind, and olive-branchy statement from the USCCB doesn’t even fall into that category.

Biden knows the Church’s stance on abortion. Either he doesn’t believe in it, or worse: he does believe in it, but has sold out. He previously supported the pro-life Hyde Amendment, until it became politically inconvenient. He currently chooses to promote his Catholic “Scranton Joe” persona while grossly departing from the biblical commandment Thou Shall Not Kill and from a teaching enshrined in Catholic ethics from the first century.

Is it really so much to ask that a self-identifying Catholic, you know, maybe not advocate for putting millions of living human beings through a meat grinder?

But pointing that out is just too mean for words! (clutches pearls) For some bishops, it’s harsh words that are the real problem here. Not the pile of bodies, you understand, but the impoliteness of mentioning it.

Why, it’s enough to give one the vapors.

The unnamed Vatican official who fretted about disunity had best buckle up. We’re going to fight over this, because it deserves to be fought over.

The fact that the USCCB managed to get out some gentle admonishment of the sinner (a work of mercy, actually) before the Machiavellian hand of Cupich prevented them reveals an interesting fracture. It’s high time we stop papering over this. The divide is here for a reason, and the reason is not negligible.

Any prelate who lacks the fortitude to speak against child murder and/or its public enablers in the Church, or who rages at those who do in order to suck up to the world’s elites, needs to take off his mitre and pectoral cross, and promptly to crawl inside the nearest dumpster, where his garbage words can echo from the appropriate environs.

As we write, Catholic Scranton Joe is preparing to use the power of his executive pen to abolish nearly all the limitations on abortion that a president possibly could.

This includes booting the Mexico City Policy, so that Americans pay for abortions in other countries, where as the “wise” people of this world know, there are just too many brown babies.

He’s also slated to get rid of the “Title X” ban which prevented tax-funded clinics from referring for or promoting abortion. This means Biden is effectively re-funding the grotesquerie that is the Planned Parenthood organization. Salivating over the coming influx of simoleons, PP’s current president and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson stated:

“We have a ton of work to do to undo the harm over the last four years, but knowing we have champions there who understand what needs to happen in the first 100 days is tremendously exciting.”

Got that? Old Catholic Scranton Joe is the Abortion Champion, according to the president of the world’s largest abortion provider. They’re tremendously excited at what he is going to do for them.

He further intends to restore the Obama-era contraception mandates, which means the hospice nuns known as “Little Sisters of the Poor” (and any other objector) can be dragged before the courts again for declining to pay for abortifacient and contraceptive drugs.

You can safely bet that those who stumped for remote material cooperation with evil, both clerical & lay, will go on stumping. Looking at the Biden-Harris cabinet, there are going to be plenty of further evils with which to remotely materially cooperate, all whilst dreaming together of a better future for mankind.

But whether you & I follow their Remote-Material-Cooperating lead is, by the grace of God, our choice. And when at length the Church re-gathers and reforms whatever is left of itself, it will not do so around the leadership of McCarrickites or those who did not think the innocent worth protecting (but I repeat myself).

It’s with some irony that this all unfolds during the designated “Year of St. Joseph,” and that this is our current president’s baptismal namesake.

Perhaps God makes Providence of this irony, since what Joseph is best known for is selflessly and courageously protecting the tiny and vulnerable Christ Child growing within the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Joseph didn’t consider this child’s protection to be anyone else’s responsibility but his own. He acted as the ever-vigilant guardian of Jesus in a world where “might makes right” men like Herod were ascendant.

So we call upon St. Joseph to show us how to escape this murderous place in history, just as he led Mary and Jesus far from the swords of the wicked. May he show us how to protect the innocent and forgotten.

May he drive out the demons from every place, and help us to conquer, not to cooperate with, evil.

May he remind each of us what it means to practice fidelity, and to bear the cost of doing so.

May he protect the Church, and confound and defeat her enemies–without or within–that their plans come to nothing.

May he obtain graces for those in positions of fatherhood or leadership, that they turn to God and do not fail to do what is right.

Tuere, o Custos providentissime divinae Familiae, Iesu Christi sobolem electam; prohibe a nobis, amantissime Pater, omnem errorum ac corruptelarum luem; propitius nobis, sospitator noster fortissime, in hoc cum potestate tenebrarum certamine e caelo adesto; et sicut olim Puerum Iesum e summo eripuisti vitae discrimine, ita nunc Ecclesiam sanctam Dei ab hostilibus insidiis atque ab omni adversitate defende: nosque singulos perpetuo tege patrocinio, ut ad tui exemplar et ope tua suffulti, sancte vivere, pie emori, sempiternamque in caelis beatitudinem assequi possimus. Amen. 

Protect, O most provident Guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen children of Jesus Christ; ward off from us, O most loving Father, all taint of error and corruption; graciously assist us from Heaven, O most powerful protector, in our struggle with the powers of darkness; and as thou didst once rescue the Child Jesus from imminent peril to His life, so now defend the Holy Church of God from the snares of her enemies and from all adversity. Shield each one of us with thy unceasing patronage that, imitating thy example and supported by thy aid, we may be enabled to live a good life, die a holy death, and secure everlasting happiness in Heaven. Amen. 

25 Replies to “Abortion Joe”

    1. They wish! This article isn’t speculative. It reveals what the modernists wish would happen. Faggioli and the faithless intellectuals he hangs with would want nothing more than the faithful to leave the Church and join some schismatic sect. It would give them such sick pleasure. Then, in their childish minds, their burning consciences (what’s left of them, anyway) might finally stop accusing them day and night of their sins and errors. It’s all so pathetic, really: Grown, adult “leaders” of the church stoking division to ultimately soothe their enflamed consciences which daily make them miserable because of their rejection of Truth.

      To them I say the following:

      Grow up! The faithful will not be giving you the satisfaction of watching us rebelliously leave the Church. We are all-in far deeper than you realize. The Church is not some third-rate NGO that needs a new vision statement to make you feel a little less miserable. She is the Bride of Jesus Christ under divine protection of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. You will not be able to remake Her into something that suits your sins and errors. You modernists may not believe that, but that does not and will not make it so. Also, God is not some silent actor in all this. He will frustrate your plans and schemes until you either repent or die. The Church’s long history of successfully dealing with and overcoming the sins and errors of its wayward members should be enough to bring you to your senses. But you’re all so intellectually vacant that even the lessons of history just fly right over your prideful heads. No, Faggioli, I will not be leaving the Church. Firstly, because She is my ticket to eternal life and, secondly, because it’s just too much fun watching faux-intellectuals like yourself squirm. See you at mass, Beans!

      Come, Lord Jesus.

      1. “The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, meanwhile, sent its own stinging statement. It did include congratulations. But also admonitions and demands.” Admonitions & demands are part of the Church’s job. If there are no admonitions or demands you are not in the true Church. You’re in a the Church of narcissistic meaninglessness. You’re right Facepalm, we are not going anywhere. These people better prepare for the old Rosa Parks treatment. Nah. We are not getting off the bus.

      2. So believing in and trying to follow the actual moral teaching handed on in the Church for centuries makes you a “fundamentalist” now? That’s fine by me. By that definition the saints were all stuffy fundamentalists that would not be eligible to sit at Faggioli’s “cool kids table” of the current Church.

  1. Why is our Bishop always so silent on these important matters of faith? Will he join with Gomez or Cupich?

    The Pope, Bishops and more or less a majority of the Church hierarchy, supported and promoted the election of Biden, ignoring his policy attacks on our faith. So I’ve decided I’ll pray for an end to abortion and that we don’t have to fund birth control, abortion etc. but I am done responding to Bishop and pastor pleas to stand in Pro-Life chains, to sign petitions to send in checks to the church for collections focused on Pro-life.

    This is just giving us yet one more reason to question the entire hierarchy of the church and the truth they claim to hold and profess. Sickening, just Sickening

    1. Look in your community at who is really doing something for the unborn and really speaking out. Those folks can use all of our time, talent, and treasures. These shallow and lukewarm dishwater initiatives from USCCB while they openly fawn over pro-abortion people like Biden shows the lie. Even in our diocese supporters of this whited sepulcher “Catholic” President get the high paid and influential jobs and decide who is allowed to work for the church. All I can say is, let them rejoice together and pat one another on the back for a job well done. What a fantastic job they will do remaking the country and the church in their own image.

      1. Our new Attorney General and fellow Catholic Todd Rokita gave a very good speech against abortion yesterday at St. Elizabeth Seton in Carmel. I didn’t see any Catholic clergy, but someone may have been there. I had to go pick up my own children before the entire rally ended. The opening prayer was from an Orthodox deacon.

        1. I am sickened, really sickened by Catholics who promote abortion and all sorts of sinful, unnatural behavior and all the while waltzing up to receive Communion… it is a terrible sacrilege by the priest offering the unrepentant communion and the garden salad catholic smugly receiving… do either truly believe this is The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?

          Mary gave us our marching orders, we have failed her, our Popes, Bishops and priests have failed her. We will rue this day!

  2. All these people that are either directly promoting the evil of abortion (Biden) or allowing the evil of abortion to fester unchallenged (bishops) truly have no idea what awaits them when they close their eyes for the last time: Imagine being stared at contemptuously by millions of infant souls you sent to die. Imagine the Accuser rightly laying claim to the soul that sent these infants to their deaths. Then imagine the Just Judge uttering the last words of truth a condemned soul will ever hear: “I never knew you; leave Me, you who practice lawlessness.”

    – Matthew 7:21-23

  3. “The internal institutional failures involved must be addressed!” Translation: “No making statements of Catholic teaching without giving me an opportunity to subvert it.”

  4. Archbishop Gomez’s now lamenting that Biden is at odds with the Church’s teaching on abortion is pathetic. A little late for those comments. Where were our Church leaders before the election? D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory was bitching about Trump crossing the street to pray. Church leaders offered not a word about Biden’s pro-abortion stance. Oh heavens, the Church can’t give out Truth before an election, but after, well, we got our man in, so now we can talk about it. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    It is obvious to anyone who is not braindead that the Church’s leaders don’t really care about the slaughter of innocents. They don’t want to offend the Democrats and continue to suck up at every opportunity. There’s money in it with millions for resettling illegals. Resettlement millions are flowing into the Church from the federal government. This helps bolster the flagging donations from the pews and helps the increasingly pinched dioceses, due to sex abuse lawsuits, stave off bankruptcy for a little longer.

    I wonder if Cardinal Cupich even believes in an Eternal Hell. His words and actions are scandalous. The prelates Red Wolf mentions and all the other Bishops who are silent in defending the unborn are modern day Judases and have the judgement of a just God who will not turn his back on millions of innocent souls…souls God has created in his own image and loves beyond our wildest imaginations.

    1. My thoughts exactly. They’re also circulating around a pro-life novena which normally I would be happy for, but it’s so obviously an empty “thoughts and prayers” gesture to make it look like they have pro-life priorities. They got exactly what they wanted. Hope they like millstones.

      1. Agreed! The giant, unmarked grave our inept bishops are collectively digging for themselves is truly a sight to behold. It’s incredible to consider: young men years ago who, likely for noble reasons, answered God’s call to priesthood; accepted Holy Orders and pledged to expend themselves for the salvation of souls; then, slowly succumbing to the world, the flesh, and the devil either before or after their episcopal ordinations, now find themselves diminished, disillusioned, and desperate for the approval of the lowest of powerful pagan and traitorous men. That their lives as bishops has been reduced to “living a little longer” in relative worldly comfort while souls starve reveals the immensity of what wastes their lives have become. And that even now, in their advanced ages (for many of them), they persist in their betrayals as if death will never come tells you how truly deep their poisonous pride has drowned them.

        The grave they’re digging truly is enormous, for there are many of them. And it will be unmarked, because the Lord will “not know them” when the end finally comes.

        Pray they repent before that end comes for each of them.

  5. Biden should be excommunicated immediately after doing any of these executive orders. It is unconscionable for him to continue this charade and touting of his Catholic faith. The Church, the USCCB, and Pope Francis need to draw a line in the sand. I am appalled by these spineless Cardinals.

      1. Agree with the sentiment, but technically, he and the faithless bishops are Catholic indeed, though a distinction may be made on whether they’re living or dead members of the Church.

    1. I’ve learned that the canonical penalties for politicians are not that straightforward … in the case of legislation (as opposed to direct procurement/paying/performing abortion) the penalty might not apply. Benedict XVI seemed to hint that it might fall under heresy (because of denying teaching of faith/ morals) but not sure. Still it seems like there should be some clear penalty. https://canonlawmadeeasy.com/2010/10/21/have-pro-abortion-politicians-excommunicated-themselves/

      1. Why argue about canonical nuances? If Biden doesn’t deserve the penalty of excommunication, then who does? With all of the foxes guarding the henhouse in the Church today, it is very hard to evangelize and even propose that someone should become Catholic. I wouldn’t blame anyone for their hesitancy.


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