The McCarrick Report

The McCarrick Report

As many of you are reading, the McCarrick report was released today. (Commentary & full text here.)

We have no doubt there is more scrutiny to be made. Many more takes and observations will be offered by commentators in the wake of this report. It’s not over until all who think and live like McCarrick are out of power.

But above all else let’s take a moment to express our thankfulness to God for Mr. James Grein.

Grein was a victim of McCarrick’s predations from childhood. He is also the chief whistleblower in this case.

Because of the courage of James Grein, McCarrick was exposed. And we hope that because of this same courage, the whole house of cards built within the Church by this predator and his cronies will soon tumble too.

Pray hard today for James, who has fought the good fight and, amazingly, kept the faith. Let his voice be heard.

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  1. When a healthy organization faces a crisis … the likes of a McCarrick Report and all that it entails, there are two ways they can evaluate how they handled things:
    1. Point the blame at others and hope it goes away
    2. Accept that the blame rests at all levels and insidiously infects the organization unless it’s dealt with decisively.
    How does an organization do this in #2? They do this through a change in the culture, behaviors, how they attract and retain their talent (in this case priests), how they elevate priests to Bishops/Cardinals, how they identify and report problems in the future, and how they applaud and recognize those that bring light to serious issues.

    What this report didn’t do is:
    1. Applaud O’Connor and Vigano for blowing the whistle (and others that blew the whistle) and send a strong message that this will be rewarded in the future.
    2. Unite their clergy and church leadership to attack the real problem… homosexuality and deceit
    3. Recognize that their pontificate has massive flaws in the way they trust WITHOUT VERIFY
    4. Address the Priestly Cultural Changes needed to ROOT OUT HOMOSEXUALITY from its ranks
    5. Identify all bishops who swept it under the rug and get rid of them
    6. Commit to the laity that they are going to do an investigation of every “unsupported” claim out there now of any priest accused of a sexual misconduct of any nature

  2. The bishop “greenlighted” voting for Biden with his wildly misleading column giving “advice” in “Catholic principles” to use while voting.

    1. Bishop is spineless afraid of the those who may criticize him for standing up straight
      He says he was not aware of McCarrick situation
      That’s bs -he is the chair for the USCCB “issues on morality” right!!!!
      Besides the church is like any large organization the rum our mill works constNtly most know who is sleeping with who

  3. Everyone just remember that the Church is the faithful. The time seems to be coming when the faithful must refuse to recognize the authority of the pope and the hierarchy on moral grounds.

    1. Yes, just be cautious to act without pride, and in humility to God’s Will. Personally, I can’t wait (sarcasm) for the rationale the bishops are going to give how it is moral to take the upcoming COVID vaccine. It does not appear that any of the leading vaccines are free of serious moral issues related to their development and/or testing (testing, ha, that’s a whole other ethical issue). If you are pro-life, these vaccines appear quite troubling. While I’m not holding my breath, I hope the bishops have the courage to speak out against any of the forthcoming vaccines that have potentially grave moral strings attached.

      1. Does anyone think we’re going to get some actual solid leadership/direction on this from our bishop? He’s always mindful of reminding people of his background and expertise in Catholic ethics. I guess we’ll see soon the value of his degrees when they start rolling these out and make them mandatory (for no legitimate reason).

        Virgo Potens, ora pro nobis!

  4. I think it would be a very good and prudent time for Bishop Doherty to put the detailed finances of the diocese on it’s website. Transparency is needed because we don’t trust the financial operations of our diocese, of the USCCB, of the Vatican. We can’t do anything about the USCCB or the Vatican finances, but we deserve to know how OUR money is being spent in the diocese. Deception hides in secrecy. We see this time and time again. McCarrick and his special charity fund comes to mind. I think our priests deserve this too as they are the ones who have to come up with the money to pay the bills and most probably can’t answer any questions we have. We are all extremely tired of all of this and want SOMEONE to regain our trust. The Bishop should start with a clean, detailed financial report.

    1. You’ll have to likely wait for the next bishop to get the transparency and trust you want. The current regime has broken too many hearts to ever be taken seriously again. They have made themselves individuals that others either avoid or have to endure. What a horrifying account they will have to render at their individual judgements over the souls they lost…

      1. But The bishop and Vicar general loves to tell everyone that They are transparent — that’s the joy of the new diocesan appeal

  5. Well, now that Pope Pachamama saved us from the twisted machinations of Pope St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Archbishop Vigano (while McCarrick sits on a beach somewhere sipping Sangria), the modernist Church can go back to its real mission: focusing on immigrants, social justice, climate change, the dictates of the World Economic Forum, and demonizing faithful Catholics.

    At this point the Church leadership, from the top down, is practically daring God to unleash His wrath. Such proud fools…

    Come, Lord Jesus.

  6. We got a report that was what we have come to expect from the dark church. Vigano, already in hiding, is preparing for war as we all should. We must become warriors for Mother Church and not fear reprisals. The Bishop will find a way to get any and all money he wants from the parishes and it will be used against those who fight for Mother church and priests like Vigano. Those who closely follow Vigano know his heart and his deep devotion to the Catholic faith.

  7. Edward Pentin’s summary in the National Catholic Register that the Red Wolf Report linked to reads like whitewash language to me. I would have to read the original report, but I assume Pentin’s summary is accurate. Nowhere does the summary article indicate the Vatican says there should be stricter oversight of seminarian formation or cleansing of seminarians with homosexual proclivities. The report might have been more believable if it was produced in an outhouse instead of in-house.

  8. Pray for Vigano also who sounded the alarm from within the corrupt organization and helped bring down McCarrick as well.
    Also pray for courageous priests since sooo many are complicit in their silence. Pray for more priests like Fr. Altman, who is honest and does not fear persecution. He knows in his heart he is teaching in all charity because his people need the light of Christ more than ever in this dark culture of death.

    1. Pray for the clergy…always! Pray specifically for Archbishop Vigano…yes, but be wary of him. Since his communications to POTUS and commentary about the election, I am quite concerned about his true intentions.

  9. It is obvious the Church is in trouble as corruption abounds from the Pope down and includes our Bishop who is complicit in the election of Biden if that comes to be
    And all that that represents
    It is all about money and power
    I encourage all readers to not contribute to the bishops appeal
    Note also that he can demand payment from the parish if goals not reached
    Suggest you make your donations to your parish to specific ministries to protect them from garnishment
    God bless and protect us all!

      1. Nothing – that is the problem – he did not speak out about abortion, PPH et al – nor any HOT issues of today. While he cannot tell us or recommend how we vote – he and his priests are duty bound to educate us. Few of them do so. The Bishop is complicit in his silence as are most of the hierarchy. The current church is made up of a lot of non or poorly formed Catholics – who think that they are at the largest cafeteria in the world.

        While I am not perfect and certainly neither is the Church – we all will answer for our decisions today. With all the selected individual beliefs Catholics have today – I wonder how many don’t believe in eternal damnation.

        1. While pretty silent publicly now (he’s even restricted replies to his tweets), he did visit the high schools to discuss the matter. Does anyone know what he told the students?

      2. Not necessarily the Lafayette bishop, but the USCCB did recognize Biden as president days ago, while extolling the fact that we have a Catholic president elect.


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